Proposed Trade Sees Celtics Land 26-Year-Old Wing & Former Boston Forward

Cameron Johnson and Jae Crowder of the Phoenix Suns, who would land with the Boston Celtics in this proposed trade.

Getty Cameron Johnson and Jae Crowder of the Phoenix Suns, who would land with the Boston Celtics in this proposed trade.

The Boston Celtics have been heavily involved in Kevin Durant trade rumors this summer. Jaylen Brown has been rumored as the potential centerpiece, but past that, players such as Marcus Smart, Derrick White, and Grant Williams have all been mentioned in proposed trade packages.

However, as time goes on, it’s looking more and more like the Celtics are apt to run it back with the team they currently have. But just because they don’t trade for Durant doesn’t mean they can’t make moves at all. They have a plethora of guards on the roster, and trading one to add depth at another position could be beneficial.

For CelticsBlog, I covered potential trade ideas involving their core guards. Among the ideas was a trade with the Phoenix Suns that would help the Celtics add wing depth. In exchange, they would be giving the Suns a backup point guard.

Here’s the outline of the potential deal:

Celtics receive: Cameron Johnson, Jae Crowder

Suns receive: Derrick White, draft pick

This deal could end up helping both sides, as the Celtics would receive added depth and the Suns would finally get a reliable backup point guard. Plus, trading Johnson is something the Suns have explored in the past.

Suns Explored Trading Johnson at Draft

Johnson will be due a contract extension at the end of the year, and considering the Suns balked at paying Deandre Ayton and still ended up having to give him a massive deal, they might be hesitant to pay Johnson. And according to Jonathan Givony of ESPN, they’ve already thought about that.

“The Phoenix Suns are said to be one of the teams potentially looking at trade scenarios here, possibly including a player like Cameron Johnson in order to free up salary-cap flexibility to keep Deandre Ayton,” Givony wrote in a mock draft on June 23.

Obviously, this trade would mean that the Celtics would have to pay Johnson, but he would likely command around what White already makes, and he fits the mold of the team a bit better, especially with Malcolm Brogdon on the team now.

This trade would be great for both sides.

Why Both Teams Make This Trade

As noted, Boston lacks wing depth. This deal would give them that, and if the Suns don’t want to pay Johnson, this deal would help them avoid that while also dumping Crowder’s salary in the process.

“Johnson has proven to be one of the best 3&D wings in the league and would fit in perfectly off the Celtics bench. Plus, with Phoenix struggling to find a consistent answer at the backup point guard position, White could potentially be a guy that would help them.

“White for Johnson wouldn’t work salary-wise, but White and a pick for Johnson and Jaw Crowder would. There’s always a chance that Phoenix simply decides to pay Johnson, but if they want to avoid extending him while also staying competitive in the process, that option should be on Boston’s radar,” I wrote for CelticsBlog.

Boston doesn’t necessarily need to trade any of their guards, but if they find that their lack of wing depth is hurting them, this could be a deal they need to explore.

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