Draymond Green Continues to Troll Celtics

Draymond Green, Boston Celtics

Getty Draymond Green, Boston Celtics

The NBA Finals might be over, but the Boston Celtics can’t escape the escapades of Draymond Green, at least not yet.

Throughout the series against the Golden State Warriors, Green embraced the role of antagonist and thrived as Boston began to show signs of frustration. Of course, the Celtics fanbase also grew weary of Green’s on-court demeanor and created their own controversy when they began to chant obscenities towards him from the stands.

Still, it looks like Green is deadset on having the last laugh, and even four days after lifting the NBA Championship, the combo-forward was back up to his usual tricks while celebrating the Warriors’ success at their championship parade.

While riding on an open-top bus around San Francisco, Green could be seen holding a t-shirt with the slogan “Boston Sucas” embroidered on the front, and was displaying it around proudly.

Draymond’s Wife Also Has Issues With Boston

Part of Green’s continued trolling of the Celtics, is likely due to the backlash his wife, Hazel Renee, received when she posted a tweet calling out the Celtics fans for chanting f*** you Draymond during game three of the NBA Finals.

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“Wow. F**k you Celtics fans. All I have to say is f**k you. The response I’ve seen from what I said is all negative. My Husband, Draymond Green is a human being, the audacity of your fan base, @Celtics, is just disgusting. My son was scrolling through his NBA Twitter burner account and came across some really rude comments towards his father. This can not be tolerated anymore,” Hazel Renee wrote on her Instagram story shortly after the incident.

While Hazel Rennee was clearly heated following the exchange between Green and Boston’s fans, the 32-year-old forward saw the funny side, and even responded with his own message of “f*** you, too” on one of his post-game podcasts.

Of course, Green and his teammates had the last laugh, winning the championship at the TD Garden on June 16, but during that series, the Celtics fanbase made their presence felt, so much so, that Green has continued to poke the bear in the following months.

Green Still Has Love for Celtics Players

Despite his war of words with the Celtics organization and its fan base, Green has taken time out of his trolling to speak glowingly of the team’s future, especially with Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown at the forefront of the roster’s growth.

“You have to give them a lot of credit. That team ain’t going anywhere. That team will be back. You better believe that team will be back…It wouldn’t surprise me if we see this team sometime in the near future—when we’re done—win a championship,” Green said on his The Draymond Green show podcast shortly after defeating Boston on June 16.

Sure, there may be a rivalry forming, and Green is the one pushing that to take place, but it’s clear he respects the team and its players from a competitive standpoint, even if he is taking great pleasure in rubbing everybody’s noses in Golden State’s most recent success.

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