Draymond Green Sounds off Amidst Celtics Series: ‘No One Has Ever Beaten Us’

Draymond Green of the Golden State Warriors in a game vs. the Boston Celtics.

Getty Draymond Green of the Golden State Warriors in a game vs. the Boston Celtics.

The Boston Celtics have faced a lot of characters on their journey to the NBA Finals. Kyrie Irving comes with his fair share of drama, Giannis Antetokounmpo’s physicality didn’t sit well with some Celtics fans, and Kyle Lowry’s on-court antics drew some backlash as well. But nothing likely compares to the outspokenness of Golden State Warriors star Draymond Green.

Green has never been afraid to say what’s on his mind. Before the Celtics had even gotten past the Miami Heat, he gave Miami some bulletin-board material, stating that the Warriors were “going to play the Celtics.” And just one day before the start of the NBA Finals, he made another bold claim.

Talking with Marc Spears of Andscape, when asked why his confidence in Golden State’s group never waned during their struggles over the past few years, Green claimed that nobody has ever beaten the Warriors when they are at full strength. He even went on to note the injuries that led to them losing.

“Because nobody had beat us. No one has ever beaten us whole. Ever. Has not happened yet. In 2016, I got suspended from a game [in the Finals]. In 2019, Kevin Durant goes down [during the Finals]. But then you follow that over to Cleveland, no one has ever beat us whole,” Green explained.

The forward’s unrelenting confidence in his team is admirable, and it reared its head once again after Golden State’s loss in Game 1.

Green on Game 1: ‘We Pretty Much Dominated’

The Celtics took home the win in Game 1 thanks to an impressive fourth-quarter comeback. But despite the loss, Green remained confident after the game, claiming that the Warriors “pretty much dominated.”

“They stayed within striking distance and they made shots late,” Green explained. “We’ll be fine, we’ll figure out the ways we can stop them from getting those threes and take them away. I don’t think it was a rhythm thing. We pretty much dominated the game for the first 41, 42 minutes, so, we’ll be fine.”

After three quarters, the Warriors were up 92-80. However, the Celtics went on to outscore them 40-16 in the final period, earning themselves a 12-point victory.

Green didn’t just stop at being confident in his own team, though. He went on to throw a subtle jab at three of Boston’s core players.

Green on 3 Key Celtics Players: ‘Eh’

Marcus Smart, Derrick White, and Al Horford were all red-hot from three-point range in Game 1. They shot a combined 15-for 23 from three-point range, helping lead the Celtics’ fourth-quarter comeback. And while the feat was impressive, Green doesn’t think they’ll be able to replicate it.

“They hit 21 threes, and Marcus Smart and Al Horford and Derrick White combined for 15 of them. The guys are good shooters, but… they combined for, what, 15 out of 8; Smart, 7, 8, 15-for-23. My math right? 8, 7, and 8. Yeah, that’s 23, right. Yeah, 15-for-23 from those guys, eh, you know, so, we’ll be fine,” Green stated.

Boston will have the chance to prove Green wrong in Game 2 of the NBA Finals, which will take place on Sunday at 8:00 p.m. Eastern time.

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