“Man, it feels good to be coaching him [Jalen Green] and feels good to be coaching these young guys, and they have a lot of potential,” Green told Allen. “Jalen has so much upside. Maybe one day he can be the face of this franchise and the NBA. He definitely has to put the work in, and I think he is willing to do it. He has been grinding his ass off. He has been doing things a rookie should do by being a sponge. I’m really excited for his future.”

As for Green’s love for the city of Houston, it remains as strong as ever.

“This is everything. This is home for me,” he noted. “I sleep, s—, eat, and bleed Houston, so you know what I mean. I’m all Houston. I love my last name Green, but if I could change it, I’d change it to Houston. That’s how much I am Houston. I’m a Green for life for sure.”