Hawks Head Coach Delivers Statement Ahead of Facing Celtics in Playoffs

Quin Snyder is ready to face the Boston Celtics.

Getty Quin Snyder is ready to face the Boston Celtics.

With the Boston Celtics‘ first-round matchup now officially set, the team will likely begin game planning on how to defeat the Atlanta Hawks, who defeated the Miami Heat on April 11.

Yet, it would seem that Atlanta head coach Quin Snyder is well aware of the challenge that his team faces, as during his April 11 post-game press conference, he discussed the talent level that flows through Boston’s roster.

“They’re really connected offensively,” Snyder said. “And, I think it’s more than them just having like a lot of weapons. I think they really have a feel for one another and how they play together. And you can see that in the way they play. I mean, their reads are terrific. And they’ve got a lot of guys that can make plays, and they want to do that for one another, which makes them really, really hard to guard.

I think their versatility defensively is unique also, you know, some of the different lineups they can put on. I don’t know who the Defensive Player of the Year will be this year, but I know Marcus Smart. I have tonnes and tonnes of respect for him. I just think he’s one of those guys and is the heartbeat, and they’re just really good. And Joe’s done a terrific job.”

Boston has faced Atlanta three times this season, winning all three of their contests, including a season-ending game where the Celtics won courtesy of some stellar production from Payton Pritchard and Sam Hauser.

Dejounte Murray is Excited to Face Boston

Against Miami, Atlanta guard Dejounte Murray recorded 18 points, 5 rebounds, and 6 assists on 43.8% shooting from the field and 37.5% from the deep to help his team make it into the postseason.

Following his impressive display, Murray used his post-game press conference to share his excitement at testing himself against one of the best teams in the NBA in a statement that showed no fear about the task ahead of him.

“You got guys or people that always say, ‘you want to play this team, you don’t want to play this team,’ you know, obviously Boston’s at the top because they went to the finals last year,” Murray said. “But last year is last year. And, for me personally, I want the best, you know, obviously,  just being competitive, and that’s just how I was raised – to want to play the best and obviously, they’re one of the best and it’s gonna be a great series and we’re gonna go out and try to win a series.”

Murray won’t have to wait long to get his first taste of what the Celtics will bring to the table, as Boston and Atlanta will face off against each other on Saturday, April 15.

Grant Williams Focused on Winning a Championship

Since entering the 2022-23 NBA season, Grant Williams has been the subject of constant speculation regarding his future with the Celtics, as he is due to enter restricted free agency at the end of the current season.

However, during a recent interview with Sam Yip of HoopsHype, Williams revealed that his focus is on competing for a championship, and his future can resolve itself once the current season reaches its inevitable conclusion.

“Nah, you got to focus on today, brother,” Williams said. “You can’t focus on tomorrow, can only focus on what’s in front of you. For me, it’s always been about playing to the best ability that I can and winning as many titles as I can while I’m here. So after that, whatever happens, this free agency cycle, that’ll be determined this summer after, hopefully, we got the ring in my hand. So that’s the main priority. No. 1 is focused on getting this ring first.”

In 79 games this season, Williams is averaging 8.1 points, 4.6 rebounds, and 1.7 assists while shooting 45.4% from the field and 39.5% from three-point range, yet there is still no consensus on what his market value will be once free agency begins later this summer.
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