Celtics Insider Sounds Off on Jaylen Brown Rumors: ‘Stop It’

Jaylen Brown, Boston Celtics

Getty Jaylen Brown, Boston Celtics

Ever since reports came out that the Boston Celtics were discussing a trade with the Brooklyn Nets involving Kevin Durant and Jaylen Brown, there has been plenty of speculation that the rumors have made Brown unhappy with the Celtics organization. What also fueled the speculation came from a tweet from Brown with the acronym “Smh” that went viral shortly after the reports did.

Jackie MacMullan recently gave her thoughts on all the speculation surrounding Brown’s supposed unhappiness following the trade rumors. To her, it’s ridiculous.

“This bit about, ‘Oh no! Maybe we’ve upset Jaylen Brown!’ Stop it. Absolutely stop it. He is an intelligent young man who should feel complimented that so many people are interested in him, and he also needs to understand that Jayson Tatum is the one and only untouchable. Jaylen Brown will be fine going forward if they never pull the trigger on this deal. That’s just the silliest bunch of stuff I’ve heard.”

MacMullan later said that the best route going forward would be for Brown to sign long-term, which would be a good sign for the team’s future.

“In a perfect scenario, the Celtics extend Jaylen Brown for the max they can extend him when the time comes. They move forward with a nucleus to me that looks like it had a very good shot.”

Besides, following those reports, another Celtics insider brought up that Brown loves it in Boston and has every intention to play for them when the 2022-23 season comes around.

Brown Reportedly Loves Boston

After both the trade reports and Brown’s “Smh” tweet came out, many worried that the Celtics may have damaged their relationship with Brown. Mark Murphy later came out saying that such wasn’t the case. Brown reportedly loves it in Boston in part because of how much success they’ve had in the past year.

“He loves it in Boston. He was two games away from a championship. He’s happy and looking forward to coming back.”

The source also added that Brown would be included in potential deals for superstars because of how good he is as a player.

“Like Kawhi, AD, and others on that level, he’s going to be included in every report because of who he is.”

Brown has two years left on his contract and could very well leave the team when it’s up. If the team makes another finals appearance, or better yet, wins a title, it would be hard for him to leave a situation like that.

Jayson Tatum recently spoke about the mindset he and Brown have.

Tatum Says He and Brown Focus on Being at Their Best

In a recent interview with NBC Sports Boston, Tatum was asked about how he and Tatum view their legacies. Tatum responded by saying both simply want to reach their potential and know they can get better from here.

“(We’re) just trying to be the best versions of ourselves, the best players that we can be, and compete at the highest level. I think we really took those next steps last season. And we’ll be the first to tell you that we got more to do. More to accomplish. And we’re eager to do so.”

Tatum also voiced his pleasure in proving those who doubted his chemistry with Brown to be wrong because they believed they could play together.

“Despite all the people that said that we couldn’t play together, we always believed that we could.”

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