Celtics’ Jaylen Brown Pleads The Fifth After Disappointing Loss

Getty Images Jaylen Brown of the Celtics shoots against Willy Hernangomez of the Pelicans during the second half at the Smoothie King Center

After the Boston Celtics’ disappointing 120-115 overtime loss against the New Orleans Pelicans — where they squandered a whopping 24-point lead, and in the process, wrote their name into the Pelicans’ history books — Celtics’ Jaylen Brown had an interesting postgame press conference.

In the beginning, he talked about the overall disappointment that comes with losing a game where your team held a 24-point lead.

“It’s tough, just a tough loss,” Brown said after the game. “Again, we 100% should have won. I’d like to have played better on both ends of the ball. Just a tough loss.”

The Pelicans did a terrific job of disrupting Boston’s offensive rhythm when it mattered most. Breaking up plays that often forced the Celtics to scramble to second and third options, New Orleans rattled its opposition in critical spots throughout the final frame and extra period.

Jaylen Brown When Asked About Celtics’ Offensive Breakdowns: ‘No Comment’

Brown was asked about these series’ of breakdowns, especially the ones that happened in the fourth quarter and in overtime.

“Do you feel like everyone’s on the same page of how to continue a play when it’s not hitting right away?”

Brown paused for a couple of seconds, then replied, “No comment.”

Between one trend — the Celtics blowing away double-digit leads in the fourth quarter — and another — Jaylen’s pleading the fifth after losses — there’s a glaring correlation. Something’s awry; there’s a disconnection happening on offense and Brown’s reluctance to elaborate is enough proof of an underlying issue.

He sounds like a star who’s frustrated with his surrounding cast. After losing to the Washington Wizards in the nation’s capital, last week, he declined to answer a question regarding chemistry issues, “I don’t have much to say,” he replied.

In contrast to the Celtics’ win over the Toronto Raptors, when Semi Ojeleye and Payton Pritchard made history and Boston converted 39 field goals on 30 assists, Brown was asked how the same team can play this way one night and completely different another.

What is behind that?

“No comment,” said Brown.

The only time Jaylen talked about the Celtics’ offense against the Pelicans on Sunday was when he was asked about the game’s tempo.

“I think we play better when we’re playing faster rather than being slow and running the same actions,” Brown added. “When we play fast, it’s hard to predict what we’re doing. In the second half, we didn’t play as fast and the ball didn’t move as much and it makes it easier for those teams to guard us. We got to get up and down the floor.”

Was it a mental collapse after losing the lead that forced the Celtics to play so underwhelmingly disappointing in overtime or were they simply outplayed by the Pelicans?

“This is a tough loss but I think we played exceptionally well for a large part of the time,” Brown said. “We just got to mature and grow up. We were really moving and getting guys involved. I like Rob (Williams) played today. I think Rob played extremely well and just trying to get guys involved. That’s one of the things that I’ve been trying to do; to look to get other guys involved. I think that’s better for our team but definitely got to come out and find ways to win.

“We dropped the ball tonight.”

Does Celtics’ Jaylen Brown Know Changes Are Coming?

Calling teammates out is always a risky way of attempting to get the most out of them. But when Jaylen declines to answer a direct question about plays breaking down or chemistry concerns, it pours gas onto already smoldering speculation.

“I always have faith in this organization,” Brown added in Washington after the Celtics’ loss against the Wizards — which is always code in the NBA for “don’t worry, they’ll bring me help.”

But, is that the only issue?

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