East Rival Could Steal Jaylen Brown in 2024 Free Agency

Jaylen Brown of the Boston Celtics and Jimmy Butler of the Miami Heat.

Getty Jaylen Brown of the Boston Celtics and Jimmy Butler of the Miami Heat.

Right now, the Boston Celtics’ roster is fully intact. Grant Williams and Al Horford will need new contracts by the end of the season, but other than that, Boston’s core players are all under contract for the next two seasons. They are set up perfectly to compete for titles for a long time.

However, two years from now, Jaylen Brown will become an unrestricted free agent. He will be free to sign with any team he wants for the first time in his career, and Celtics fans have already begun to question his loyalty to the organization. The Kevin Durant trade rumors this summer sparked the conversation.

For CelticsBlog, I explored the possibility of Brown leaving in 2024. I looked at the potential reasons he could leave, where it would leave the Celtics as a team, and most interestingly, which teams he could choose to join. Among them was Boston’s Eastern Conference rival, the Miami Heat.

“The biggest threat to Boston could actually be a recent playoff opponent. The [Toronto] Raptors, [Charlotte] Hornets, and [Indiana] Pacers can offer Brown the chance to be the first scoring option, but the Miami Heat can give him that title and a chance to win a championship,” I wrote for CelticsBlog. “By the time Brown hits free agency, Kyle Lowry’s contract will be off the books, and if they clear a little bit more space by then by dumping Duncan Robinson, they could feasibly make room for Brown in South Beach.”

If Brown wants to sign with a team where he can be the number one scoring option, the Heat would likely be more than willing to give him that opportunity.

Why Heat Would Be Great Fit for Brown

One of the main reasons Brown could potentially want to leave Boston is if he gets sick of playing second fiddle to Jayson Tatum. If he decides that he wants to be the primary scoring option, then the Heat could give him that chance while simultaneously being able to compete for a championship.

“Jimmy Butler has never wanted to be the number-one scoring option, and Bam Adebayo has proved that he’s not that type of player. Adding Brown into the mix could propel Miami even further into the title mix, and Brown would get to be the star of the show,” I wrote.

A lot can change in two years, and that could be good or bad for the Celtics. Brown could want to re-sign and continue battling with his teammates or he could begin longing for a change of scenery.

However, according to a recent statement from Tatum, the two seem happy in Boston for the time being.

Tatum on His and Brown’s Future in Boston

When the Durant rumors were dominating headlines, Tatum did an interview on NBC Sports Boston. He said that he and Brown try and live in the moment and believe that they have “more to do” in Boston.

“We just try to stay in the moment. It’s not necessarily about what our legacy would look like if we did this, that, and the third,” Tatum said. “Just trying to be the best versions of ourselves, the best players that we can be, and compete at the highest level. I think we really took those next steps last season. And we’ll be the first to tell you that we got more to do. More to accomplish. And we’re eager to do so… Despite all the people that said that we couldn’t play together, we always believed that we could.”

So, while Brown could choose to leave the Celtics two years from now, it seems as though he and Tatum are all-in on Boston right now.

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