Celtics Teammate Reveals Jaylen Brown’s Mindset Amid Trade Rumors

Jaylen Brown of the Boston Celtics.

Getty Jaylen Brown of the Boston Celtics.

This offseason has been dominated by trade rumors. The Boston Celtics have been thrown into the fire as it was leaked that they’ve shown a potential interest in trading for Brooklyn Nets superstar Kevin Durant. But in the theoretical trade package, Jaylen Brown would have to be included.

Since those initial reports of Boston’s interest came out, a multitude of different stories have been reported. Just recently, Steve Bulpett of Heavy.com noted that Brown remains committed to the Celtics. But regardless, nothing will be truly known until a Durant deal is completed.

So as Celtics fans lie in wait of a move to occur, there’s nothing they can do but guess. However, Brown’s teammates seem to be confident in Brown’s ability to look past them. During the Jr. Celtics youth camp, Grant Williams spoke with the media and talked about how mature Brown is, as well as revealing that he’s been in contact with the Celtics star.

“Yeah, it’s a significant rumor. It’s something that you do your best to take with a grain of salt. I feel like JB is mature in his mindset, and he knows that. And, I’ve talked to him, texted him, you know, reached out as much as you can. But it’s one of those things, it’s a league, it’s a business,” Williams told reporters. “It’s one of those things you can’t really be discouraged by… I feel like we love JB. Everyone here in Boston, everyone on the team.”

In addition to that, Williams noted that Brown’s value has been shown by his involvement in trade rumors.

Brown’s Value on Display With Trade Rumors

Obviously, Durant is one of the greatest players of all time. Williams explained that Brown having his name mentioned as the potential centerpiece in a deal for Durant just shows how great the Celtics star is.

“It kind of shows how valuable he is. The fact that, top-10 player in the world, you’re the focal point. It’s one of those things, I remember, back in the day with Al Jefferson and KG [Kevin Garnett]. It’s one of those things where you’re like, ‘oh dang, Al Jefferson.’ It’s not even like a difference,” said Williams.

Grant Williams on Conversations w/ Jaylen Brown About Trade Rumors | Jr. Celtics CampBOSTON, MA — Celtics Forward Grant Williams spoke to the media at Jr. Celtics camp on Friday afternoon. Williams spoke about his offseason and how Jaylen Brown has been mature through the Kevin Durant trade rumors. Grant and he’s texted him to check in on him and notes that it’s a compliment to how valuable…2022-08-12T19:03:58Z

Boston traded Jefferson for Garnett back in 2007, and the very next season they won the championship. That trade is eerily similar to the one the Celtics have the chance to make now. However, the biggest difference is that back in 2007, Boston was coming off a season where they were the worst team in the East, and this year, they’re coming off a season where they made the NBA Finals.

But as Brown’s name continues to get thrown in rumors, Williams is also confident that the star will approach things with the right mindset.

Brown Will Have ‘Chip on His Shoulder’

Williams mentioned that Brown has an extremely “competitive mindset.” And because of that, these trade rumors could end up having a positive effect on his game.

“I think he’s going to approach it even better. He’s going to take it with a competitive mindset, too. So, if it doesn’t work out, which, I don’t know what it is or not, I’m not involved in none of those processes,” stated Williams. “But I think that he’s going to come back with a chip on his shoulder, and I love that. Because I know how JB responds, and he’s going to be very, very, very, very secure because he’s secure of himself and he’s secure of what he’s going to be.”

So, if the Celtics decide to pass on Durant, expect Brown to be back and better than ever.

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