Celtics Forward Sends Strong Message to Jayson Tatum After Viral Photo

Jayson Tatum of the Boston Celtics.

Getty Jayson Tatum of the Boston Celtics.

This past year marked a season of learning and growth for the Boston Celtics. For the first time in their career, Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown were able to lead the team to the NBA Finals. Unfortunately, they fell just short, losing to the Golden State Warriors in six games.

However, Boston should be looking to improve even more this summer. Brad Stevens helped improve the roster by adding Danilo Gallinari and trading for Malcolm Brogdon. But the team should be looking to improve internally as well.

That type of development will be crucial to their success. It seems as though players have already begun that process. Taylor Snow, the team’s official reporter, posted photos of Tatum in the gym working out. However, one of his teammates took that opportunity to poke fun at the Boston superstar.

Grant Williams took to Twitter to clown his teammate.

“75 😂😂😂 @jaytatum0,” Williams tweeted.

In the photo Williams was referencing, Tatum was working out with 75-lb dumbbells. Clearly, Williams doesn’t think that Tatum was working with enough weight, so he took the time to call him out on social media.

But Tatum didn’t sit idly by and let Williams make fun of him.

Tatum Responds to Williams

After being clowned on Twitter, Tatum didn’t take long to respond. He made sure to let everyone know that he was just warming up and that 75-lb weights aren’t what he normally works out with.

“D*** can I get a warm up set in,” Tatum tweeted.

Based on previous events, Tatum and Williams have a great relationship, though. They were often seen warming up together before games and have a long-running debate over who is the stronger of the two (which is probably where this tweet stemmed from).

This was very obviously a joke between two friends, and it will be entertaining to see how they continue this saga in the future. It really makes you wonder who is stronger out of the two of them.

Seeing the two teammates joke with each other on Twitter speaks to how close this current iteration of the Celtics has become with one another. During his annual youth basketball camp, Tatum talked about the importance of chemistry and said that he and his teammates have spoken plenty this summer.

Tatum on Importance of Chemistry

Though Tatum admitted that most people on the team have been busy with family stuff this summer, he said that they’ve been in contact. In addition, he stressed the importance of team chemistry and stated that the team has “unfinished business.”

“We’ve all been in contact, just checking in on each other, see how they’re doing. Everybody is traveling with their family and stuff right now, but probably next month, guys will start getting back in the gym. Some of us might be in LA together and we’ll work out, stuff like that…Chemistry is half the battle,” Tatum explained. “I feel like you can have a great team with great talent, and not necessarily gel together. You guys saw we figured it out in January and never looked back…It’s a little different, knowing that we got to a certain point and were so close. And we’re excited to get back to that, get back to the group because we’ve got unfinished business.”

Jayson Tatum on Keeping Celtics Together and Offseason GoalsJayson Tatum hosted a children's basketball camp in Foxboro and took questions on his offseason so far, talked about team chemistry and said the Celtics haven't talked collectively as a team about staying together amid reports that the team offered Jaylen Brown for Kevin Durant and continues to contemplate adding the superstar. Tatum said last…2022-07-30T16:39:02Z

Williams’ friendship with Tatum has been well-documented, but in a time period where trade rumors have run rampant, seeing the two teammates show how close they are should be a nice palate cleanser for fans.

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