Ex-Celtics Fan Favorite Gets Married Wearing Hilarious Attire

Kelly Olynyk

Getty Kelly Olynyk #41 of the Boston Celtics.

Former Boston Celtics stretch big Kelly Olynyk tied the knot on August 6, 2022. Olynyk married his longtime girlfriend Jackie McNulty and had multiple ceremonies to celebrate their marriage, including getting married in Las Vegas by Elvis. While taking wedding photos with McNulty, Olynyk made an interesting fashion choice on his big day.

While Olynyk and McNulty were dressed in traditional attire for a bride and groom during their wedding, Olynyk also decided to wear a black snapback cap backward as part of his wedding day attire.

Olynyk’s wedding had multiple games for guests to play, including basketball-themed ones, one of which was actually basketball.

The self-professed game-loving couple made that a theme of the big day, from inviting guests to down drinks to a “Shot Clock” timer to offering a scavenger hunt, mini-basketball and poker and craps tables.

Olynyk even had chefs from a Boston-based restaurant fly out to cater at his wedding.

The foodies, who sported Nike Air Force 1s custom-designed by the bride’s cousin during the reception, also enjoyed creating a memorable menu and flew out chefs from Olynyk’s favorite sushi restaurant in Boston to cater the cocktail hour.

Olynyk played for the Celtics from 2013 to 2017 before leaving for the Miami Heat in free agency. Olynyk helped the Heat beat the Celtics in the 2020 Eastern Conference Finals before his stints with the Houston Rockets and Detroit Pistons.

Back when the Celtics had the Evan Fournier trade exception, Olynyk’s name came up as a possible option for them.

Olynyk was an Option with the Fournier TPE

The Evan Fournier trade exception was valued at $17.1 million, meaning anyone who made that money or less could be absorbed into the exception before it expired on July 18. Olynyk is slated to make $12,804.878 during the 2022-23 season, according to Spotrac, so he could have been absorbed.

Both Zach Buckley and Keith Smith listed Olynyk as an option the Celtics could have looked into while they had it.

“A reunion could help fill the void created when Daniel Theis was traded away. The player Olynyk is now isn’t that much different from the one Boston first rostered nearly a decade ago. In fact, his 2021-22 numbers bear a striking resemblance to his rookie production,” Buckley said on July 14.

Smith brought up that Olynyk could play with any of the Celtics bigs and what he brings would help their frontcourt.

“If the feeling is that Boston can get a wing on the free agent market using the Taxpayer MLE, why not bring an old friend home? Olynyk would fit right into the team’s frontcourt. He’s playable with any of the other Celtics bigs, and his shooting and passing would be a nice addition to that foursome.”

Even though a reunion was not in the cards, Olynyk’s days in Boston are still remembered by current players on the roster.

Grant Williams Used Olynyk as Inspiration

Grant Williams had the game of his life when his 27-point performance helped the Celtics eliminate the Milwaukee Bucks in the second round of the 2022 NBA Playoffs.

Grant Williams Sets New Playoff Career-High 27 PTS 🍀Grant Williams Dropped A Playoff Career-High 27 PTS & 7 Threes! Stay up-to-date on news, live scores and stats with the NBA App:app.link.nba.com/-App222022-05-15T23:54:46Z

On Duncan Robinson’s podcast, “The Long Shot,” Williams admitted that he watched Olynyk’s highlights from Game 7 of the 2017 Eastern Conference Semifinals, commonly referred to as the “Kelly Olynyk game,” as Williams called it, as an example before heading into their elimination game against the Bucks.

“I remember watching the Kelly Olynyk game before that game, too, which was crazy,” Williams said. “That’s some weird life s*** that happened. Channel Kelly.”

Grant Williams On His MASSIVE Game 7 Against MilwaukeeTied 3-3 in the Celtics/Bucks series, Grant Williams had one of the biggest performances of his career. He breaks down his 27-point performance and what it was like to shoot 18 threes in a game.2022-07-26T13:20:46Z

For reference, Olynyk’s 26-point performance in Game 7 of the 2017 Eastern Conference Semifinals helped the Celtics eliminate the Washington Wizards to move on to the Eastern Conference Finals.

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It’s been five years since Olynyk last played for the Celtics, but it’s clear that that game is still remembered quite well by Celtics players today.

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