Malcolm Brogdon Sends Strong Message to Celtics About His Role

Malcolm Brogdon, now of the Boston Celtics.

Getty Malcolm Brogdon, now of the Boston Celtics.

It’s been a busy offseason for the Boston Celtics. As of late, all the news has seemed bad, as they’ve dealt with multiple frontcourt injuries and the suspension of Ime Udoka for the entire season. But earlier this summer, everything was going great.

Obviously, the addition of Danilo Gallinari was quickly swept under the rug because he tore his ACL while playing for Italy at EuroBasket, but that wasn’t the only major move Boston made. They also made a trade for combo guard Malcolm Brogdon.

So far this summer, Brogdon has fit in seamlessly with the team. He’s dished out gorgeous assists, found a great connection with Sam Hauser, and done it all while coming off the bench. And that’s exactly the message he sent to the guys on the team – he’s willing to do whatever it takes to win.

“I wanted to send a message to the guys on this team that, regardless of what I was doing in Indiana, I’m willing to sacrifice to win to be a part of what you guys got going,” Brogdon told Chris Forsberg of NBC Sports Boston.

Brogdon has been a consistent starter for the past four seasons of his career, so a shift to the bench is a big change for him. But when he joined the Celtics, he made it clear that all he wanted to do was win, and if that meant becoming a sixth man, so be it.

And as far as his feel for the team so far, he’s glad that everyone seems to be locked in.

Brogdon: ‘These Guys Are Locked In’

Last year, the Celtics were just two games away from winning the NBA Championship. Instead, they lost three games in a row and went home in six, ending their impressive mid-season turnaround story. However, according to Brogdon, everyone is fully focused on the ultimate goal this year.

“These guys are locked in,” said Brogdon. “They know what they want. There’s one goal in mind and guys are just focused. When the guys are in the gym, there’s not a lot of joking, there’s not a lot of laughing. It’s a lot of what my vibe is — I’m all about business when I step in the gym. I consider myself between the lines as soon as I enter the facility every day. So I enjoy the vibe of that, it’s a very worksmanship approach. Guys are focused.”

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In the Finals, it was clear that the Celtics were missing something, but Brogdon believes that he’s capable of being that missing piece.

Brogdon: ‘I Think I Can Help Them’

After the season ended, the Celtics were clearly lacking in two areas – shooting and playmaking. And while Gallinari getting hurt means they’ll have to find shooting elsewhere, Brogdon provides the playmaking. He says that he believes he can help Boston get over the top.

“I do. I think I can help them,” Brogdon said. “I think what I bring to the team, this is something that the team is missing in some ways. But I think I can definitely help.”

If the preseason is any indicator, Brogdon is exactly what the Celtics needed, and fans should be looking forward to watching him thrive in the regular season.

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