Marcus Smart Sends Strong Message to Playoff Rival

Marcus Smart of the Boston Celtics.

Getty Marcus Smart of the Boston Celtics.

The Boston Celtics are full of characters. Jayson Tatum is a mega-star, though his quiet demeanor can sometimes frustrate fans. Jaylen Brown is similar, but he speaks out when he needs to. Al Horford is a quiet giant, Derrick White loves dad jokes, and Grant Williams is essentially the team’s class clown.

But no one on the team is more controversial than Marcus Smart. There’s little controversy when it comes to his defense, but as far as being well-liked, people can’t seem to decide on an opinion. Opposing fans dislike him because of his intense playstyle, and even some Celtics fans don’t seem to love him as much as others.

However, a recent gesture warmed the hearts of even the coldest of fans. Smart and his organization, the YoungGameChanger Foundation, donated two carts filled with gaming tablets, consoles, and other devices to Children’s Wisconsin in honor of Milwaukee Bucks star Jrue Holiday and his wife, former USA women’s soccer gold medalist Lauren Holiday.

After the hospital’s Twitter account tweeted about the gesture, Smart responded, saying that it’s bigger than basketball.

“Wouldn’t have it any other way. Supporting kids is bigger than anything else. This is awesome and glad the kids will use it to get their minds off of some serious stuff. Love this!,” Smart tweeted on September 18.

Smart’s gesture was so well-received that even Bucks fans had nice things to say.

Bucks Fans Praise Smart for Gesture

During the playoffs, Bucks didn’t exactly love Smart. The way he plays the game causes opposing fans to actively root against him. However, after he donated the cart in honor of the holidays, fans took to Twitter to show their respect. And these are just some of the tweets Smart liked.

“Hey Marcus, as a Bucks fan i never cheer for you. However i want to thank you for donating those “Smart Carts” to WI Childrens Hospital! That was a class act! Keep up the generosity!,” one fan tweeted.

Another Bucks fan was stunned that he know has a reason to like Smart.

“Never thought there would be a reason for me to like Marcus Smart. 

“Salute man,” they tweeted.

And a third had a similar message, announcing that they would no longer be able to hate Smart.

“It is with a heavy heart that I announce I cannot fully hate Marcus Smart ever again. This is really, really cool,” they revealed.

But this isn’t the first kind message has sent this summer.

Smart Congratulates Long-Time Celtics Writer

Earlier this offseason, Mark Murphy, the long-time Celtics writer for the Boston Herald, announced that he would be retiring. Smart took the time to congratulate him and show some love in a tweet.

“One of the best to do it and do it the right and honest way- and someone I think very highly of. Congrats on retirement Mark!,” Smart tweeted.

Despite the differing opinions regarding Smart’s on-the-court play, Smart is clearly a kind soul off the court. No matter if it’s in Boston, Milwaukee, or elsewhere, he’s always looking for another kind gesture to complete.


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