Ex-Laker, NBA Champion Says Celtics Play ‘The Way Basketball Should Be Played’

Joe Mazzulla

Getty Interim head coach Joe Mazzulla

On the November 29 episode of the “Big Shot Bob Podcast,” former NBA Player, ex-Laker, and seven-time NBA champion Robert Horry detailed why the Boston Celtics have been so successful this season.

“They have a really good offense, and they move the rock. The way they’re playing is the way basketball should be played,” Horry said. “The beauty of basketball (is) when the ball the moves, it makes the defense move, and the defense can’t keep up…That’s how Boston is playing. They’re playing great team basketball.”

Horry also singled out the duo of Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown for their success on offense.

“They’re running the ball through Brown and Tatum more,” Horry said. “I watched the game where Tatum was like, ‘I’m gonna get off the ball. I can still get my buckets and let Brown score.'”

Horry experienced plenty of success during his time in the NBA. During his 16-year NBA career, Horry won seven championships total during his time with the Houston Rockets, Los Angeles Lakers, and San Antonio Spurs. The seven championships he’s won as a player are the most championships a non-Celtic has won in NBA history.

Horry Says Celtics’ Success is Due to Liking Each Other

Horry went on to say that what’s also helped the Celtics thrive is that he believes their players get along well with one another.

“I think it’s probably because they like each other. That makes a big difference when you want someone to succeed,” Horry said.

Horry then elaborated on why that’s important. In short, if teammates don’t like each other, they think more about their own on-court production rather than their teammates.

“When you like one another, you want the other to be successful. If you’re hot, I’m gonna defer. If I don’t like you and you’re hot, I don’t give a damn. I will go get mine because I’m trying to get my bonuses. I’m trying to get to the all-star (game). I’m trying to cement my legacy. You don’t care, and I think those guys really like each other.”

Malcolm Brogdon Confirms Friendship With Teammates

After the Celtics defeated the Charlotte Hornets on November 28, Malcolm Brogdon revealed during his postgame presser that the Celtics’ friendship with one another has led to their production.

“I think we enjoy each other’s company off the court,” Brogdon said. “I think that’s a big piece of what the results have been on the court. We’re a team that laughs and talks in the locker room. Everybody can laugh at themselves. We laugh at each other. We have a good time on the bus, on the road. I think you see the results during games and our trust, being able to enjoy playing with each other.”

During his postgame interview with Abby Chin of NBC Sports Boston after that same game, Blake Griffin praised the Celtics for their focus and maturity while also saying how fun it was to play with them.

“I’ve noticed this from the time I got here. These guys come in here and work hard. They’re very mature about it,” Griffin said. “Everybody’s just very focused on one thing, and it’s just fun to come to work and fun to play this way.”

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