Brooklyn Nets Owner Speaks Out After James Harden Extension Deadline Passes

james harden contract extension deadline


The Brooklyn Nets will be going into the new NBA season with a contract extension for superstar guard James Harden.

After October 18 saw many players around the league get extended, there was a growing sense that Harden could also be in line for one and become the NBA’s first $60 million man. For now, he’ll have to settle with being just the second highest paid player in the NBA.

With the deadline now passed, the Nets will have to hope Harden resigns with the team in the offseason, provided he doesn’t pick up his massive player option.

If Harden wants to cash in one last time, and he can do so with a massive $270 million contract, he will want to turn down the player option and then resign with the team.

Brooklyn Nets owner Joe Tsai is optimistic about his chances at resigning his star player.

Tsai Speaks Following Deadline

The Nets owner doesn’t seem at all worried about his ability to convince Harden to return.

“Whether or not it’s the season now or later, the way I look at it he’s already said I want to play and finish my career in Brooklyn, he’s actually said that,” said Tsai according to the New York Post’s Brian Lewis.

Similarly, head coach Steve Nash doesn’t have many reservations.

“I haven’t thought much about it because James loves it here,” he said. “He’s totally locked in, so while we’d love to have signed him before the deadline, it’s James’ prerogative when he resigns and we know he’s happy here.”

From Harden’s point of view, he’s playing with two of his best friends in Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving. While Irving isn’t around at the moment, the point still stands and it seems like he’s happy being in Brooklyn.

Harden wants to win a championship, and being with the Nets gives him an excellent chance at doing so, with or without Irving.

Will He Resign?

kyrie irving james harden response


The $270 million question is if Harden will stay with the Nets in the offseason. If the team fizzles out early in the playoffs, then it might be a question, but right now there’s really now reason to suspect he’ll be leaving.

ESPN analyst Stephen A Smith says Philadelphia has their eye on him and could look to acquire him in one way or another. If they find a way to wipe Ben Simmons off the books and free up a ton of cap space, then there might be something to worry about for Nets fans.

It’s going to be a long and weird season for the Nets in the absence of Irving, something everyone is aware of, so the contract talks might be the least of their concerns.

As of right now, there’s no cause for concern and fans should be focused on the upcoming title run more than anything else. The team’s talent will immediately be put to the test in their very first game which comes against the defending NBA champs Milwaukee Bucks.

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