Nets Would Move Kyrie Irving & Kevin Durant in Proposed 4-Team Blockbuster Trade

Kyrie Irving, Kevin Durant, and Seth Curry

Getty Kyrie Irving #11 and Kevin Durant #7 of the Brooklyn Nets

Kevin Durant remains on the trading block for the Brooklyn Nets. However, the Nets are known to be asking for an incredible amount of assets as a return in the deal. Among the teams in pursuit, the Boston Celtics remain said to be the front-runner in the Durant negotiations despite reports that the talks between the two teams have stalled out. Boston remains ahead of the other potential suitors for Brooklyn’s star because of their willingness to include their All-Star Jaylen Brown in the deal. Every other team in pursuit of KD is reluctant to include an All-Star and break down their team’s core thus far. The Miami Heat will not involve Bam Adebayo, the New Orleans Pelicans won’t trade Brandon Ingram in a Durant deal, and other suitors don’t have an All-Star to put in a package for Durant. 

To get Durant, the common theme seems that no team has the assets to be able to pull it off by themselves. So maybe a Durant deal can be accomplished if a third team jumps into the mix to help facilitate a deal for Brooklyn’s superstar. Reports have said that teams have been hesitant thus far to help Brooklyn trade Durant in a three-team deal, but perhaps that tune is changing. One recent proposal took it to another level and took the trade package from including three teams to including four. Each team has a player they are trying to deal in the package. 

Nets Trade Durant and Irving in Blockbuster Four Team Proposal

The deal, including the four teams, was inspired by a similar proposal shared by Brian Windhorst this offseason that said the Los Angeles Lakers are “desperate” and could trade for both Nets stars. Windhorst did note that while the trade is feasible to acquire both Irving and Durant that it remains unlikely. However, it has been over a month and a half, and Durant still hasn’t been traded. Perhaps the likelihood of this deal has gone up in the meantime. A recent article saw four teams coming together to help Durant and Irving land in Los Angeles together alongside LeBron James. 

'The Lakers are desperate!' – Brian Windhorst on Kyrie Irving & KD BOTH going to L.A. | First Take'The Lakers are desperate!' – Brian Windhorst on Kyrie Irving & KD BOTH going to L.A. | First Take Brian Windhorst, Freddie Coleman and Courtney Cronin discuss Kevin Durant requesting a trade from the Brooklyn Nets, along with Kyrie Irving's future. #ESPN #NBA #FirstTake ✔️Subscribe to ESPN+ ✔️ Get the ESPN App: ✔️Subscribe…2022-07-01T14:59:48Z

Brooklyn Nets Receive: Anthony Davis, Myles Turner, Buddy Hield, 2027 Los Angeles Lakers first-round pick. 

Boston Celtics Receive: Seth Curry

Indiana Pacers Receive: Russell Westbrook, Grant Williams, 2025 Boston Celtics first-round pick, 2029 Los Angeles Lakers first-round pick.

Los Angeles Lakers Receive: Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant.

While it is unlikely the teams come together to facilitate a deal involving Durant and Irving, Windhorst did note that a four-team deal could do the trick. 

Does the Deal Make Sense?

How much sense does this proposed deal make? Not much. It is one of the better proposals on the Brooklyn Nets side getting back Anthony Davis, Myles Turner, and Buddy Hield. However, a Davis and Turner front court feels redundant and comes with a lot of injury potential. Hield brings shooting, but the Nets lose shooting, trading Seth Curry to the Celtics in the deal. It isn’t the most attractive deal from a Nets perspective for their two stars. 

Boston’s side of the deal is puzzling too. Trading Grant Williams and a first-rounder to get only Seth Curry in return is questionable unless they really just want to send Irving and Durant as far away as possible. But Boston has been known to have interest in Durant, so they may be unwilling to want to send him to Los Angeles to team up with LeBron and Kyrie. 

The two teams that the deal makes the most sense are the Lakers and the Pacers. Los Angeles gets both Durant and Irving to pair with LeBron James? No brainer. Then the Pacers would get rid of two players on their trade block in Hield and Turner, and also some first round picks with Westbrook and Williams. 


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