Nets Fans Turn on Kyrie Irving Over Backhanded James Harden Comment

Kyrie Irving of the Brooklyn Nets.

Getty Kyrie Irving of the Brooklyn Nets.

The Brooklyn Nets have underperformed over the last few seasons. Injuries hurt them in the 2020-21 season, and an MCL sprain to Kevin Durant is currently holding them back this year, but regardless, they’ve fallen well short of expectations.

Last season, the drama surrounding James Harden stole headlines, leading to him being traded to the Philadelphia 76ers. When asked about Durant’s absence and its effect, Irving seemingly threw some shade at Harden, noting that he was “halfway” in the locker room.

“I’m consistently in the lineup, that helps,” Irving said after Brooklyn’s loss to the Oklahoma City Thunder via HoopsHype. “We also don’t have halfway in or halfway in anybody in the locker room. And there’s just a primary focus for the big picture here. These are warm-up games for the big performance that’s coming late in April. Just got to enjoy them and smile sometimes at how you lose and be able to pick yourself back up.”

However, Nets fans were quick to turn on Irving, calling him out in the replies to the tweet. They said that Irving needs to look in the mirror, as he’s been a big problem in the locker room, too.

“Irving throwing shade at Halfway-In Harden is absolutely laughable considering he publicly said he was going to have a long tenure at the Celtics then threw in the towel in a playoff series and forced his way out,” one fan said in the replies.

There were some clown comparisons in the comments, too. One fan tweeted a clown emoji, while another included a GIF of a person donning clown makeup and looking in a mirror..

Another fan laughed at Irving, pointing out the irony in his comments.

“He chose a conspiracy over supporting his teammates and the fans…. But harden was the problem,” they tweeted.

Kyrie Irving Shows Support for Ben Simmons

But while Irving may have thrown shade at Harden, he’s fully supportive of his current teammates, one of whom is the player Brooklyn received in return for Harden – Ben Simmons.

After Simmons’ scoreless night in a recent loss to the Boston Celtics, Irving provided Simmons with an uplifting message.

”He’s just gotta be himself. We’re not gonna put too much pressure on him,” Irving told Kristian Winfield of the New York Daily News. “We’re not gonna let this one particular game or any other games where he scored eight points, four points, it doesn’t matter. It’s all on us as a team to collectively put points on the board, and when he gets his opportunities, we just want him to be aggressive.”

Nets Receive Warning About Kyrie Irving Contract

Fans are clearly torn about Irving, despite his support for his teammates. And according to Fox Sports 1’s Nick Wright, the Nets should be very hesitant to hand him a long-term contract extension. He said that it would be a massive mistake.

“The biggest Kyrie fans, less than two months ago, were like, ’If he gets released, is his career over,’ said Wright on First Things First. “Folks get so hypnotized by the bag and the hesi jimbo, that we are now…like ‘$200 million? Maybe’. This would be a categorical mistake.”

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