Buffalo Bills’ Defensive End Calls Out Cole Beasley on Twitter

Jerry Hughes, Cole Beasley

Getty Buffalo Bills defensive end Jerry Hughes Jr. (L) calls out teammate Cole Beasley on Twitter for his controversial stance on the covid vaccine.

Buffalo Bills‘ Cole Beasley has let the world know that he vehemently opposes the NFL’s new rules that basically require players to get vaccinated.

While his controversial tweets have received plenty of public criticism, the wide receiver is now getting called out for misinterpreting science and logic by one of his own teammates. On July 23, Bills’ defensive end Jerry Hughes Jr.

The public argument initially stemmed from comments made by NFL veteran Darius Butler. He tweeted, “The @NFL is dead ass wrong w/ that new memo they sent out to teams today. What’s new tho!? Basically forcing these needles into players arms at this point. Every player/personnel should have an ACTUAL ‘choice’ in the matter. They are sending a CLEAR message today.”

Another NFL vet, Marcus Cromartie took issue with Butler’s stance. Cromartie tweeted, “I disagree, not getting the vaccine is selfish IMO.”

Butler tweeted back, “I agree with you. I’m also of the crazy thought that some medical decisions are… SELFISH. It’s a vaccine that absolutely no one has more than a year worth ACTUAL research on. I should take it not because I’m comfortable with it but because…?”

Hughes, 32, then popped into the Twitter thread to defend Cromartie. He tweeted, “Sooo the top scientists in the entire world got together to figure out how to combat Covid-19. And when they came up with a vaccine, you question them. They are trying to save lives and you have doubt.”

Butler responded, “I hope their right! Nobody’s rooting against science and medicine. If you are cool w/ being early in line when you’re not at risk more power to you. I don’t even get the new iPhone until they work out the kinks Man shrugging. Ball out this year!”

Hughes tweeted, “some ppl have an underlying health conditions, so they are at risk if an outbreak happens– a comment retweeted by Beasley with a note of his own.”

Hughes fired back at Beasley, “You would think someone with underlying health conditions Would get the vaccine to prevent future complications if they got Covid. Now I understand freedom of choice. But our job has put rules in place. Rules are rules… ”

Hughes Ultimately Told Beasley, ‘Fun Debate Bro’

Cole Beasley

GettyCole Beasley #11 of the Buffalo Bills celebrates after catching an 11-yard touchdown pass thrown by Josh Allen #17 against the Las Vegas Raiders during the second quarter in the game at Allegiant Stadium on October 04, 2020.

At the end of the day, Hughes wasn’t looking to do a full takedown of his teammate on Twitter. He tweeted, “At the end of the day rules are rules. There are a lot of rules I don’t agree with but I have to abide by if I wanna stay out of trouble.”

“U my boy no matter what,” Hughes continued. “I’m not telling u what’s right/wrong. And I’m not the one making the rules, I’m just following them so I can play ball & finish what we started last year with the mafia cheering us on. Fun debate bro.”

Hughes and Beasley’s Bills teammate, Stefon Diggs, however, appeared to show support for the NFL’s newest covid guidelines. On July 22, right after the league sent out the memo detailing the covid rules for the 2021-22 season, Diggs tweeted, “accountability … availability.”

Beasley’s Controversial Vaccine Tweets May Get Him Cut Before Start of Season

Beasley, 32, experienced the most productive campaign of his nine-year NFL career in 2020, posting personal high marks in receptions (82) and receiving yards (967). However, some, including Pro Football Talk’s Mike Florio, are beginning to wonder whether Beasley is now “trying to goad the Bills into cutting him?

Another offseason controversy amid the Bills’ influx of slot candidates — including fifth-year gadget man Isaiah McKenzie — could give Buffalo an opening to part ways with Beasley, should they wish to.

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