“As many good things as we did last year,” Allen said, “there was still a lot of stuff on tape where I look back and say, ‘Why did I do this?’ That’s the common theme every year and that’s really cool that you get to look back and like I said, even though the wins and the numbers and all that stuff looked good on paper, there’s still so much room to improve and I’m excited for that process.”


While Allen looks to up his game and help to get the Bills over the hump after falling just short of the Super Bowl, Buffalo’s front office is working on making him the first long-term quarterback the team has seen since Kelly. The team has reportedly been working with Allen’s representation on a contract extension, one that is likely to make him one of the highest-paid in the league. In an analysis published earlier this year, Sportrac predicted that Allen would get something in the neighborhood of a four-year, $168 million contract with an average annual salary of $42 million and $115 million in guaranteed money.

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