Photo of Bills QB Josh Allen With Warriors Superstar Goes Viral

Josh Allen, Steph Curry

Getty A photo of Bills quarterback Josh Allen (L) hanging out with Golden State Warriors star Steph Curry (R) caused fans to freak out on social media.

Numerous superstar athletes are golfing at the American Century Championship tournament in South Lake Tahoe this weekend, including Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen. While celebrity intermingling was expected, fans almost couldn’t handle seeing Allen pose for a picture with Golden State Warriors star Steph Curry.

Allen, who’s originally from northern California, celebrated the Warriors winning the 2021-22 NBA championship. He shared tweets applauding their title win and of the team’s victory parade.

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The combined greatness of Curry, the Finals MVP, taking a photo with Allen, who’s looking to win his first Super Bowl Championship this season, caused quite a stir on social media.

USA Today reporter Bradley Gelber tweeted, “2 🐐’s,” while a fan wrote, “I can’t believe this is real life🤯😍.”

On the Bills official Instagram page, the picture racked up over 31,000 likes in less than two hours. “OH MY GOSH!!!! TWO OF MY HEROES IN ONE PIC! LETS GO BABY!!!!!!🔥” a fan wrote in the comments section.

Numerous people commented on their height difference, as Curry looks almost as tall as Allen in the photo. However, the Bills superstar is 6-foot-5 while Curry is 6-foot-2. Other fans pointed out their similar draft selections. Curry, 34, was the No. 7 overall pick from the 2009 NBA Draft while Allen, 26, was the No. 7 overall pick from the 2018 NFL Draft.

Allen was Named the ‘Scariest QB’ in the NFL

While Allen has a long way to go to match the success level of Curry, a four-time NBA Champion, the potential is there. Last season, Allen threw for 4,407 passing yards and 36 touchdowns, and with an upgraded offensive line, and new weapons in the receivers room, he’s looking to have another break-out year.

According to Fox Sports 1 analyst Emmanuel Acho, Allen is the obvious No. 1 “Scariest QB” in the NFL, outranking Kansas Chiefs’ Patrick Mahomes, Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ Tom Brady, Baltimore Ravens’ Lamar Jackson, and Green Bay Packers’ Aaron Rodgers.

Allen “is scary because he’s an aggregation of all these dudes on the list,” Acho says. “He can be in that perfect zone coverage, and Josh Allen will have that ball zoom right by you. Or he might tuck and run right that joint. And then worse, [he’s] big enough to truck you if you sleep. At 6-foot-5, 240 [pounds] — If you sit here and try to squat down and make the tackle, you might end up on your back.”

“You’ve seen him hurdle tackle several defenders,” Acho continues, noting how “he can embarrass you with his legs and his arms.”

In fact, the word “scary” when describing the Wymonin alum has become a popular term this offseason. Former Bills quarter Ryan Fitzpatrick appeared on Rich Gaenzler’s “Bull in the Basement” podcast on June 2, during which he discussed the mounting fear surrounding Allen.

“He continues to get better and better every year, which is a really scary thought,” Fitzpatrick said.

“I think we can all remember he was a 50 or 52 … 55% passer a couple of years ago and now, he’s just absolutely deadly. The accuracy, the decision-making. … He looks bigger and different from anyone else on the field. Couple that will guys love playing with him and playing for him, that’s a pretty good combination right there.”

Allen finished the 2021 season with a 63.3% completion rate, per Pro Football Reference.

The Biggest Question Mark Concerning Allen Is How He’ll Fare Without Brian Daboll

Brian Daboll, Josh Allen

GettyJosh Allen #17 of the Buffalo Bills talks to offensive coordinator Brian Daboll during training camp at Highmark Stadium on July 31, 2021 in Orchard Park, New York.

The discussion over whether Allen would be where he is without former offensive coordinator Brain Daboll, and how Daboll will fare as head coach of the New York Giants without an elite quarterback leading the team, is an X-factor for both men heading into the 2022 NFL season.

Pro Football Focus analyst Sam Monson tweeted on June 16, “If Josh Allen never happened, Brian Daboll’s resume looks verrrrry different. & I think it’s pretty unclear who or what was primarily responsible for Allen’s development. This is a downer of a tweet, but just struck me today looking through his career.”

NFL Draft analyst Joe Marino believes the credit goes beyond just Allen and Daboll. Marino tweeted, “Boring response but I believe the person most responsible for Josh Allen’s growth is Josh Allen. He embraced the areas he needed to get better and made it happen. Daboll, McDermott, Beane and Jordan Palmer deserve plenty of credit but Josh himself gets the most credit IMO.”

A Cover 1 sports host used an outside example in his argument. He tweeted, “If Tom Brady never happened, Bill Belichick’s resume looks verrrrry different. & I think it’s pretty unclear who or what was primarily responsible for Brady’s development. This is a downer of a tweet, but just struck me today looking through his career.”

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