Bills Safety Rips Into Reporter After ‘Embarrassing’ Loss to Patriots [VIDEO]

Micah Hyde video

WROC 8 Buffalo Bills safety Micah Hyde took issue with WIVB reporter Jerry Sullivan asked if they were 'embarrassed' after losing to the New England Patriots.

Following the Buffalo Bills frustrating 14-10 loss to the New England Patriots on Monday Night Football, safeties Micah Hyde and Jordan Poyer weren’t exactly excited to speak to the media afterward.

With the awful weather and extremely heavy winds on December 6, the Bills’ lack of a reliable run game was on full display. Patriots running back Damien Harris scored a 64-yard touchdown in the first half, which is more than the combined yards from Buffalo’s backfield throughout the whole game — they totaled 19 carries for 60 yards.

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Adding insult to injury, New England’s quarterback Mac Jones only three the ball three times, which WIVB reporter Jerry Sullivan noted is fewer passing attempts than any franchise in more than 40 years. Sullivan then asked if it was “embarrassing” to lose a game in such a manner.

Poyer looked annoyed, “What kind of question is that?” before exiting the platform, but Hyde couldn’t leave without giving Sullivan a piece of mind.

“What are you doing, bro?” Hyde said. “Keep at it… We’ll remember that. I’ll remember that.”

Before leaving the media room, however, Hyde kept going. “This goes into disrespect. It’s all about respect, man. I come here every single week and answer your questions truthfully, honestly. I appreciate you guys. Don’t do that.”

Sullivan Responded to the Viral Interaction on Twitter

Video of the back and forth between Hyde and Sullivan quickly went viral on Twitter, causing a split reaction among viewers. However, Sullivan defended his line of questioning following some backlash.

“Micah Hyde acts like he’s doing the media a favor by coming out and answering questions after games,” Sullivan tweeted. “That’s the problem with the current access during Covid. The media can’t be in the locker room asking tough questions. Most players get to hide while ‘leaders’ speak for the team.”

In response to Sullivan’s statement, one man tweeted, “He IS doing you a favor. He doesn’t need you in order to do his job – you need him to do yours. The gravy train only goes one way here.”

The very next comment read, “This is not entirely true, fans want to hear what players have to say after games, *especially* losses. The fans are who pay for the tickets and to watch it on TV, so yeah he does have an obligation to talk to the media.”

While many users online felt that Sullivan himself should be embarrassed, another person tweeted that players should have to face the music after such a lackluster performance. “They should be embarrassed. The fans are. You got called on it and that is how you answer. I love Hyde and Poyer and I know emotions are high, but just own it. It was terrible run blocking. It just was.”

Bills reporter Thad Brown defended Sullivan. “Hyde is frustrated. I get that,” Brown tweeted. “He and Poyer are superb answering our questions. Every damn week. That question was not across the line. It wasn’t even that close. They should have answered it and moved on.”

Bills Center Mitch Morse Took Blame for their Red Zone Failures

It wasn’t just one player’s fault for their loss to the Patriots, pretty much everyone played terribly. And if we’re pointing out the pitiful run game, the offensive’s line inability to create more space for them is also responsible.

“I think it’s just the familiar topic of shooting ourselves in the foot at inopportune times,” said Morse. “We just seem to tend to do it at the absolute worst time. So, for us, there’s no finger-pointing. I think if you ask everyone on this team, there’s plenty that they could have done to come out with a win, which we didn’t do.”

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