Bills’ Fans Slam NFL Analyst on Twitter Following Chiefs Blowout

Josh Allen, Patrick Mahomes

Getty Analyst provides stats that show Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen (L) is not superior to Kansas City Chiefs' quarterback Patrick Mahomes.

While the Buffalo Bills had a bye in Week 7, their AFC rivals, the Kansas City Chiefs, went down hard, losing 27-3 against the Tennessee Titans. Such a blowout came as a huge surprise since nearly every outlet predicted the Chiefs would come out victorious.

After the Chiefs were routed by quarterback Ryan Tannehill and company, a Titans team who narrowly beat the Bills 34-31 last week, 13 WHAM reporter Mike Catlania tweeted, At this moment the #Bills loss to Titans looking better and win against Chiefs looking worse.”

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The tides are definitely changing when it comes to the power rankings in the AFC, and one person who never saw the Chiefs falling from the top spot, Fox Sports analyst Nick Wright, who’s been partial to Patrick Mahomes’ team all season.

After a gruesome garbage time hit to Mahomes in the fourth quarter, Wright tweeted, “Mahomes just got knocked into next month… the Chiefs are bad at everything… I can’t pick a winner ATS to save my life… what have I done to so violently anger the sports gods?????”

Wright’s question sparked tons of responses from Buffalo Bills fans on Twitter. One man tweeted, “You’re unwarranted and biased hatred of Josh Allen has shifted the curse from Buffalo to the Chiefs. We Bills fans thank you!” While another person responded with an entire list of reasons:

1. Homered for the Chiefs too hard
2. Trash talked Josh Allen for no discernable reason
3. Trash talked kobe to the grave
4. Disrespected Jokic for no discernable reason
5. Clout chase Lebron and Klutch
6. Hate on Tom Brady’s greatness
the list is much longer this

“Slept on Josh Allen,” a Bills fan tweeted. “THAT is what you have done,” while another person countered, “He didn’t sleep on him, he outright disrespect him.”

Wright Said There’s No Comparison Between Allen & Mahomes

Part of the ire from the Bills fan base stems from the fact that Wright doesn’t see the Bills franchise quarterback as being even comparable to Mahomes. Wright said earlier this month that Allen “has been nothing close to the quarterback he was last year,” and that his stats thus far this season more closely resemble that of Washington Football Team’s Taylor Heinicke and New York Giants’ Daniel Jones.

When asked how narrow the gap is between Allen and Mahomes, Wright brought the receipts. Allen’s had “one great game, one good game, and two bad games,” Wright said before showing the side-by-side stats between the star quarterbacks.

THE HERD | Nick Wright tells Colin: "Josh Allen has been nothing close to the QB he was last year"THE HERD | Nick Wright tells Colin: "Josh Allen has been nothing close to the QB he was last year"2021-10-06T16:45:51Z

Wright continued his anti-Allen tirade before the Bills faced off against the Chiefs on Sunday Night Football while appearing on Colin Cowherd’s The Herd. “I do believe the Bills will win if the Chiefs turn the ball over in their first three possessions like they did with the Chargers, but nobody thinks they’re going to do that.”

As for Allen, “He’s 27th in the league in completion percentage. The Bills up to this point this season, are winning despite Josh Allen regressing to rookie or second-year Josh Allen. That’s a statistical fact.”

Unfortunately for Wright, the Bills won 38-20 at Arrowhead Stadium on October 10, and remain the No. 1 team in the AFC East.

Bills Take on the Dolphins in Week 8

The Bills return to the field in Week 8 to take on division rival, the Miami Dolphins, a team they obliterated earlier this season 35-0. As it stands, the Bills are 13-point favorites to win.

And moving forward through the reason of the season, the Bills’ don’t have many tough games on the horizon. ESPN’s Mike Clay reports that the Bills actually have the easiest schedule out of all the NFL teams moving forward.

“I think they’re the best team in the AFC still,” NFL Network’s Gregg Rosenthal said, per Bills Wire. “They’re the most complete they have the highest ceiling and Josh Allen after a little bit of a slow start is playing about as well as he did a year ago.”

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