Bears WR Allen Robinson Ups Ante With Cryptic Social Media Activity

Chicago Bears WR Allen Robinson Instagram

Getty WR Allen Robinson

What’s up with Allen Robinson? The best offensive player for the Chicago Bears recently deleted everything related to his current team on his Instagram page. He hasn’t yet addressed why he did so, but the fact that the Bears have not offered him the contract extension an endless number of fans have been clamoring for — an extension he richly deserves — could have something to do with it. Perhaps not, but it’s difficult not to make such inferences considering the situation.

Robinson did keep up photos of his previous team, the Jacksonville Jaguars, a team he has seemed glad to have escaped.  It seems like an odd choice, but I’m sure there’s a reasonable explanation.

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Bears Fans, Current Players Have Been Begging Bears to Extend Robinson

Bears fans had been calling for GM Ryan Pace to give Robinson an extension before the season began, and it was a bit of a surprise when he didn’t, largely considering Pace’s actions in the past. Every year since 2016, either in late August or early September, Pace has given a key player a contract extension.

In 2016, it was Kyle Long. In 2017, both Charles Leno Jr. and Akiem Hicks got extended, and in 2018, it was nose tackle Eddie Goldman. Last year, it was offensive lineman Cody Whitehair. Thus, it seemed like a bit of a habit Pace had developed, and many people just assumed it would be Robinson this year. When it didn’t happen prior to the season, it was a surprise.

One of A-Rob’s teammates in particular, Cordarrelle Patterson, has been actively encouraging the team to extend him on Twitter. In one recent tweet a day after the Bears beat the Lions in Week 1, Robinson quoted the Drake song “God’s Plan,” to which Patterson responded: “Extend extend extend @ChicagoBears.”

Robinson Joins Growing List of Players Who Delete Team-Centric Photos on Instagram

Robinson has been asked about his cryptic social media activity before — recently, in fact. On more than one occasion, he has tweeted things that seem to be related to his potential contract extension, but whenever he has been asked about it, he has downplayed it.

Now, to be clear, Robinson has not unfollowed his teammates on social media. He still follows them all on Instagram and Twitter, and he has not publicly said anything negative about the Bears organization. He simply deleted every photo of himself in a Bears uniform on his Instagram page.

Still, it’s something several athletes have done before when they have been less than happy with their current franchises. For example, ex-Vikings wideout Stefon Diggs deleted all Vikings-related content on his Instagram shortly before being traded to the Bills. Julio Jones also deleted all images of the Atlanta Falcons from his Instagram amid rumors of unhappiness with his contract in 2018.  Diggs left Minnesota, while Jones stayed put in Atlanta.

Bears fans may also remember when ex-running back Jordan Howard did the same thing back in 2018. He stayed with the team for one season before being traded.

What happens with Robinson remains to be seen, but Bears fans can’t be happy to hear about Robinson’s latest social media activity. Your move, Ryan Pace.

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