Bears All-Pro Lobbies for Deshaun Watson, Analysts Agree

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Cordarrelle Patterson is at it again. The wide receiver and All-Pro kickoff returner for the Chicago Bears took to Twitter — as he is wont to do– to recruit some talent to the organization. Patterson, who also served as a running back for the Bears this season, has attempted to recruit multiple players to Chicago, including Tom Brady, Teddy Bridgewater and Damon “Snacks” Harrison.

Every single one of his attempts has been unsuccessful, but that hasn’t stopped him from taking another swing at it. Amidst rumors that Houston Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson wants to be traded, Patterson boarded the recruitment train yet again:

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Max Kellerman: Watson to Chicago is ‘Very Clear’

Patterson isn’t alone in his line of thinking: A growing number of analysts are pleading for a Watson-to-the-Bears scenario. In an episode of ESPN’s First Take this week, analyst Max Kellerman went off on a detailed rant about why Watson would be the perfect answer to Chicago’s quarterback problems:

It is very clear to me what ought to happen. Deshaun Watson should want this team— and the team should do whatever it takes to get him — and that’s be traded to the Chicago Bears. That’s the team that Deshaun Watson should want to go and that’s the team that should want Deshaun Watson the most … Chicago is a football-obsessed city … The ’85 Bears are probably the greatest team ever, and it’s their only Super Bowl championship. The Bears are a franchise who’ve never really had a great quarterback in the Super Bowl era … It makes all the sense in the world from the Bears point of view.

Kellerman: Watson Could ‘Become an Icon’ in Chicago

With the team likely moving on from Mitch Trubisky, and Nick Foles an inept starting option at best, the Bears have vowed to leave no stone unturned in their search for a new signal-caller this offseason. Kellerman says that a Watson-Bears pairing would make the most sense for both sides.

From Deshaun Watson’s point of view, he has a chance to become an icon, unlike he would be anywhere else. If he delivered a single Super Bowl to the Chicago Bears, he would occupy a space in the cultural landscape, the American sports imagination, that very few occupy. Because of how great he is, because of the storied franchise he’d be playing for, and because he delivered them finally, from a drought since 1985 … When you look at that defense, even the receivers they have, not deep but they have what you need. When you look at the Bears, if you pick up Deshaun Watson and add an offensive lineman or two, just like that you are a perennial Super Bowl threat. And you have your first great quarterback of the Super Bowl era, in a football-crazy town.

Kellerman isn’t the only one. Pro Football Focus, Draftkings Nation and CBS Sports have all pointed out the mutual benefits of Watson becoming a Bear — and Patterson just became the first player to add his name to that list.

Stephen A. & Max’s ideal team for Deshaun Watson | First TakeMax Kellerman explains why the Chicago Bears are the team that needs to make a run for Houston Texans QB Deshaun Watson. Stephen A. disagrees because the Bears already passed on Watson in the 2017 NFL Draft and states that the Miami Dolphins are the ideal situation while Damien Woody picks the San Francisco 49ers.…2021-01-13T17:06:02Z

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