Bears HC Matt Nagy Drops Big Hint About Who Will Start at QB Moving Forward

Bears QBs Trubisky Foles

Getty QBs Mitchell Trubisky and Nick Foles

Chicago Bears head coach Matt Nagy spoke to the media Monday following the team’s ugly 41-25 loss to the Green Bay Packers Sunday night, and while he did not name the team’s starting quarterback for the final five games, he did say some very revealing things that suggest whether it will be Mitch Trubisky or Nick Foles moving forward.

When The Chicago Sun-Times’ Patrick Finley asked Nagy if Trubisky would be the starter Week 13 against the Detroit Lions, Nagy would not commit, but he seemed to be leaning that way.

“Pat, I’m not there yet. I think for us, we’ve gotta see where Nick’s at, and we want to just continue to keep kind of evaluating. I thought that Mitch, he did a good job,” Nagy said. “I gotta see where Nick’s at and keep talking with Mitch, but I thought personally from what he played and how he played yesterday in the situation we were in, I don’t see why not.”

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Nagy Called Out Defense for Limiting Trubisky’s Options

Did Nagy see enough positives from Trubisky to continue moving forward with him under center?

“We had 70 plays, and almost 48 of those 70 were in no huddle because of the deficit we were in right away … You look up, and you have 16 plays in the first half,” Nagy said. “So, is there good in there? Yeah, there’s good. He made some great third down throws for first downs, he made a great fourth down throw. The touchdown at the end of the second quarter was a hell of a decision and a great athletic play that he threw to A-Rob. You know, he used his cadence, he made some good progressions. Were there other things in the game that he can get better at? Absolutely. Progression-wise, can he be better in certain spots? Yeah.”

Nagy also put a bit of the blame on the Bears’ defense for giving up 27 points to the Packers early in the game, thus inhibiting what Trubisky and the offense could do. “If you’re gonna get behind like we did and be in a drop back game for as long as we were in it, it’s hard. It’s not easy. And you can’t play a normal game. You can’t set things up with play action, you can’t get into the movements, the screens, the nakeds. When you gotta sit back there and drop back that many times in a game because you’re down and the deficit’s there, there’s gonna be more of those type of errors with progressions and that sort of thing,” Nagy said.

Trubisky Unsure of His Own Status

When he was asked after the loss to Green Bay whether he felt he would be named the starter in Chicago’s next game against the Lions — a team he has been effective against in the past — Trubisky was uncertain.

“I don’t know. I don’t know. It was tough, like I said, just because of the turnovers early on and then being a hole,” Trubisky said. “There was a lot of excitement just being back, being back in the huddle and being back with the offense throughout this week. I think myself and the offense, we had kind of this expectation or picture of what we thought could happen going into this game and it just didn’t go that way from the get-go. Things like that happen sometimes … That’s not my call. I just try to like I said put my best foot forward every single day and the chips will lay where they are.”

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