Proposed Trade Sees Bulls Land 26-Year-Old 3&D Wing

Cameron Johnson of the Phoenix Suns, who would land on the Chicago Bulls in this proposed trade.

Getty Cameron Johnson of the Phoenix Suns, who would land on the Chicago Bulls in this proposed trade.

Though they haven’t made any major splashes, the Chicago Bulls have been active this summer. They re-signed Zach LaVine to a massive contract, brought in Andre Drummond to back up Nikola Vucevic, and signed Goran Dragic to a one-year deal.

However, the Bulls still have some holes in their roster. Heading into the offseason, the two areas that Chicago needed to improve upon were defense and shooting. Well, one trade out there could help them improve in both areas for cheap.

The Phoenix Suns just matched a max-contract offer sheet for Deandre Ayton, meaning they will be dipping into the luxury tax. So, if they’re looking to save some money, they could look to offload some contracts. One player who they could look to trade may be wing Cameron Johnson.

Here’s a potential trade proposal that would land Johnson in Chicago:

Bulls receive: Cameron Johnson

Suns receive: Tony Bradley Jr., Derrick Jones Jr., 2027 1st-Round Pick (Top-10 Protected)

This deal couldn’t happen until October 4, as the Bulls just re-signed Jones Jr., but it would still make sense for both sides. Chicago could also offer Coby White, but White makes more than Johnson, so the Suns’ tax bill would only increase.

Obviously, the Bulls would be getting the better end of this trade, but as has been reported in the past, Phoenix could be willing to trade Johnson in an attempt to free up some money.

Suns Considering Johnson Trades

In a mock draft on June 23, Jonathan Givony of ESPN reported that the Suns could be looking to jump up into the first round of the draft using Johnson as a trade chip. The reasoning behind the move is that Phoenix could look to shed salary in order to keep Ayton around.

“The Phoenix Suns are said to be one of the teams potentially looking at trade scenarios here, possibly including a player like Cameron Johnson in order to free up salary-cap flexibility to keep Deandre Ayton,” Givony reported.

This past season with the Suns, Johnson played a crucial role. He averaged 12.5 points, 4.1 rebounds, and 1.5 assists on 46.0% shooting from the field and 42.5% shooting from behind the three-point line on 5.9 three-point attempts per game.

At 6’8, Johnson is the quintessential 3&D player in the modern NBA. He’s a solid defender who has turned himself into an absolute sniper from distance. For the Bulls, he would be the perfect player to bring into the mix.

And in this proposed deal, both teams would be filling a need.

Why Both Teams Make This Trade

For the Bulls, this deal would be a cheap way to add three-point shooting and defense – two things their roster desperately needs. Johnson is a 40% three-point shooter who can also help their defense at the wing. At 6’8, he’s perfectly capable of playing either the three or the four, providing Chicago with some great versatility.

On the other hand, the Suns would be shedding some salary. Bradley would, at best, give them some center depth, but at the same time, the Suns could simply waive him if they don’t want him on the roster.

As for Jones Jr., he’s on a cheap, two-year deal and would provide Phonix with solid defense and vertical spacing. The first-round pick would also give the Suns another asset to work with in trades.

This trade would also mean the Suns don’t have to worry about extending Johnson, whose contract will be up after this season. If this deal were on the table, the Bulls should absolutely jump at the chance to add Johnson.

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