DeMar DeRozan Breaks Down His Tribute Tattoo

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If you’ve watched the Chicago Bulls this season you’ve undoubtedly seen DeMar DeRozan playing on an MVP level. You’ve probably also noticed the large and expertly crafted tribute tattoo on his left shoulder.

The tattoo is a portrait of DeRozan’s late father Frank, and it is one of those just perfect examples of ink with substance. DeRozan recently spoke with Marc J. Spears of the Undefeated and he expounded on the inspiration behind the tattoo.

“It’s just a constant reminder every time I go out there and play that you could see him. I wouldn’t be doing this if it wasn’t for him, so I owe everything to him,”

DeRozan’s dad passed away on February 19, but DeRozan still carries the lessons he learned from his father. DeRozan added:

He worked his butt off with everything I ever saw him to provide for the family. Growing up, we didn’t have much. But he always made sure there was a roof over our head and there was food when needed. He was a protector of the family. Just me watching that was everything for me. He taught me how to be a man. Be disciplined. Never complain. You don’t want nobody to feel sorry for you. Understand if you want something in life, you can go get it. He gave me the ultimate confidence and belief in myself. No matter how bad something seems or it could be, there’s always a brighter side to it if you just keep pushing. You just never give up.

The work ethic and dedication has shined through in DeRozan’s consistency, longevity and success over the course of his career. DeRozan is at a point where he may not need to drain another mid-range shot, and he could still be headed to the Basketball Hall of Fame.

DeMar DeRozan’s Hall-of-Fame Resume

Is DeRozan a no-doubt Hall-of-Famer?

It is tough to make that case definitively, but if he were to add an MVP award to his list of accomplishments this season, it would be much tougher to deny him.

DeRozan is still only 32 years old and feasibly has 3-5 more years left to play in the league. He has always taken good care of himself, never playing in fewer than 60 games over the course of his 13-year career.

When you look at pure scoring, DeRozan already has a decent case. He recently eclipsed 18,000 points scored in his career. That puts him ahead of some current Hall-of-Famers like Chris Mullin, Chris Bosh, Steve Nash and Lenny Wilkens. Before the end of the season, DeRozan will likely pass five other HOFers on the all-time scoring list: Dave Bing, Julius Erving, Tracy McGrady, Rick Barry and Dolph Schayes.

Still, the plights of players like Mark Aguirre, who isn’t in the Hall of Fame, might suggest DeRozan won’t make it. Chicago is hoping DeRozan can win MVP and an NBA championship to remove all doubt.

DeMar DeRozan Teaching Zach LaVine to Lead

Aside from being a second high-powered scorer, the biggest benefit DeRozan can have on Zach LaVine is more intangible. LaVine is one of the most physically talented players the league has seen, but he needs to continue to learn how to win.

DeRozan’s controlled and deadly approach on the offensive end could be perfect to help LaVine take the next step. Clearly, we can see where DeRozan learned his leadership skills.

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