Michael Jordan’s Son Spotted on ‘Date’ With HOF Teammate’s Ex-Wife

Getty Larsa Pippen

Talk about a story that sounds too much like manufactured, reality-TV drama.

Per TMZ, and yes, there are photos, Marcus Jordan, the son of Chicago Bulls icon Michael Jordan was spotted on Sunday at a Japanese restaurant on an apparent date with Larsa Pippen, the ex-wife of MJ’s estranged former teammate and fellow Hall-of-Famer Scottie Pippen.

Here are the images posted by NBA Buzz on Twitter.

The reaction to the images on Twitter was as expected. One pointed out that Marcus, 31, was 7 when Larsa, 46, married his father’s teammate.

Prop Swap couldn’t help themselves.

Considering the drama that we’ve seen from Jordan and Pippen (mostly Pippen) over the past three years, this development only makes the dynamic more interesting.

MJ and Pippen Drama

After spending what most would have believed to be happy years together as Bulls teammates during the organization’s dynasty in the 1990s, we learned Jordan and Pippen weren’t quite as close as they appeared on the outside.

Jordan’s Last Dance documentary rubbed Pippen the wrong way. Pippen was upset by the way he was portrayed, and he told GQ that Jordan “couldn’t have been more condescending if he tried.” Pippen took umbrage with the documentary’s tone and the inclusion of the infamous 1.8 seconds game.

Pippen infamously refused to go into a playoff game against the New York Knicks in 1994 after head coach Phil Jackson asked him to be the inbounder on a play designed to go to Toni Kukoc.

Pippen sat on the bench in protest, and Kukoc nailed the game-winning shot. Pippen has always taken heat for the decision. Jordan said in the Last Dance that the decision to sit out the final play will “always come back to haunt him [Pippen].

In his memoir, Pippen said that Jordan apologized for keeping that segment in the documentary, but the former didn’t appear to be satisfied with his former teammate’s apology.

With Pippen and Jordan seemingly not on the best terms, this story with Scottie’s ex-wife and MJ’s son probably doesn’t affect their relationship. Still, it definitely provides fodder for the public.

Larsa Pippen Has Been Linked to NBA Player Malik Beasley

Marcus Jordan isn’t the first hoops-connected guy Larsa Pippen has been connected to in recent years. She dated current NBA player Malik Beasley while he was reportedly still married.

Larsa seemed to confirm the relationship in a tweet from December 2020, but she insisted Beasley was separated before she met him.

Larsa Pippen Also Responded to a Report Linking Her to Bronny James

Some unfounded rumors suggested Pippen was connected to LeBron James’ son, Bronny.

Those were quickly stamped out by a miffed Savannah James (LeBron’s wife), LeBron, Bronny, and Larsa.

Because Bronny, 17, is still a minor, those rumors were far more serious than the images that surfaced of Larsa and Marcus Jordan. Bronny insisted the rumor got started because he liked his friend’s mom’s picture on Instagram. Bronny’s teammate at the time was Scottie Pippen Jr., the son of Larsa and the Bulls’ legend.

Even with the rumors exposed as a “disgusting” fake news story, according to Larsa Pippen, it’s yet another odd connection between Larsa and the son of an NBA great.

Raise your hand if you can’t wait for the current Bulls to take the floor.

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