LaVar Ball Says Bulls Star Will Leave Chicago to Join Lakers

LaVar Ball

Getty Images LaVar Ball

The offseason is still relatively young for the Chicago Bulls but despite that, the rumors have been swirling around All-Star Zach LaVine’s plans for next season. LaVine will become an unrestricted free agent in early July and will be free to possibly sign with another team.

The Bulls can offer LaVine the most money and years in a new deal at five years $212 million. Other teams can offer LaVine a four-year contract worth $157 million.

After being eliminated in the first round of the playoffs LaVine for his part said that he plans to enjoy free agency and that he is open to re-signing with the Bulls. However, there have been rumors that LaVine will leave in free agency.

“He’s Gone”

On Thursday a new voice emerged saying that LaVine will leave the Bulls this summer for the Lakers. LaVar Ball, the father of Bulls guard Lonzo Ball, sat down with ESPN 1000’s Dave Kaplan for an interview where he said he believes that LaVine will become a Laker.

Kap & LaVar Ball 1-on-1. It's ask anything. Is Lonzo okay? Will Bulls win title? Is LaVine staying?Kap goes one on one with the architect and father of Big Baller Brand, LaVar Ball. Bulls star, Lonzo Ball enjoyed success in limited time in his 1st season with the Chicago Bulls. A knee injury prematurely ended his season. Is he having a setback? Will he return on time for next season? LaVar adds…2022-05-18T23:52:18Z

“It started off ‘Zach LaVine, Zach LaVine, Zach LaVine.’ OK, now you’re hurt. Few things happen. And guess who’s doing all the big plays? All I hear is DeMar,” LaVar said. “He (LaVine) doesn’t want to play second fiddle.

“And who doesn’t want to go to LA? (If) he (LaVine) wants to go back to the west coast, he’d be like, ‘Yeah, I’m from [Seattle]’ … If he got a chance to go there? I guarantee you he ain’t no fool. Because he’s like this: ‘I’m in LA, even when I get paid, I know I can do some commercials or something.'”

Ball didn’t say that he had any inside information, he was just stating his opinion on what he thinks LaVine will do. It’s worth noting that LaVine also recruited DeRozan to come to play with him in Chicago and never voiced any displeasure about playing with him this season.

Lonzo Update

Elsewhere in the interview, LaVar tried to reassure the Bulls and their fans that Lonzo will ready in time for training camp despite the struggles with his knee injury.

“You know what, he should be ready for the season this year,” LaVar Ball said. “Because he’s going to stay out here [in Los Angeles} and get it done the right way. Sometimes you have to get your own guy to say, ‘OK, this is how we gotta do this.’”

Ball’s comments come two days after reports surfaced saying that the Bulls had serious concerns about Lonzo’s recovery. The report also suggested that the concerns could affect the Bulls’ offseason plans. Ball also said that Lonzo’s knee won’t require another surgery.

Ultimately only time will tell if Lonzo will be able to recover properly from his knee injury. If he continues to struggle with his recovery then it’s possible the Bulls could look to make a move to fill that void.

At this point, the Bulls have to hope that LaVar is right about Lonzo’s recovery, but they also need to hope that he’s wrong about LaVine’s free agency plans.


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Dan McMahon
Dan McMahon
1 year ago

This was a waste of Kaplan’s time……Never let LaMar Ball off a leash. All one can say is “TYPICAL”

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