Browns Star Odell Beckham Had One Word Response to Disgusting Rumors

Getty Odell Beckham Jr. of the Cleveland Browns.

Hall of Famer Deion Sanders reached out to Odell Beckham Jr. after some nasty internet rumors involving the Cleveland Browns wide receiver went viral this week.

Sanders said Beckham had a classic, one-word response for him when it came to the bedroom gossip.

“I just got off the phone with him,” Sanders said in an Instagram Live video with Barstool Sports founder Dave Portnoy. “The first thing he said was, ‘Dookie?'”

On a more serious note, Sanders — now a personality with Barstool Sports — said he was actually proud of Beckham for how he responded to the rumors, not letting it get to him or throw him off course.

“I tell you what, he’s at the point now — and I’m so proud of him — that he’s matured past the point of caring about things like that,” Sanders said. “A couple of years ago it would have had him all flustered. Now he knows it’s just part of the game.”

No Jumper Creator: I Realize This is an Issue

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For those not in the loop, earlier this week Beckham was trending on social media because adult star Slim Danger accused the three-time Pro Bowler of some unpleasant bedroom activity on the No Jumper podcast.

Adam Grandmaison, also known as Adam22, is the creator of the podcast and addressed the Beckham rumors this week with The Ringer’s Higher Learning With Van Lathan and Rachel Lindsay. Lathan asked Adam22 if the people involved in the rumors — which has also included singer Trey Songz and Suns star Devin Booker — get a heads up.

“No, I mean I found out about the Odell thing at the exact same time as everyone else did on the live stream,” he said. “I was sitting in the other room just watching on the live stream and they started saying this and I couldn’t believe it. I had no idea that was coming. I very much anticipated immediately that criticism was coming that it seemed like a pattern [of people dealing with accusations].

“From my perspective I see and realize that this is an issue, where it seems like an eerie coincidence that the podcast, whenever these girls come on, sort of ends up gravitating towards ‘oh let’s expose somebody.’ I’m trying to reign that in because I don’t think there’s a long shelf-life in that.”

Odell Beckham Taking Rumors in Stride, Ready for Season

While Beckham didn’t come outright and address the rumors, he did put up a post that appeared to be in response.

“Can’t knock me off my pivot… no matter what shxts thrown my way,” Beckham wrote with a crying laughing emjoi. The post was crowded with comments from fellow NFLers and even his girlfriend, Lauren Wood, who appeared to be taking the situation in stride with a comical response.

While the rumors caused a good laugh, Beckham has more important things to worry about with game day just around the corner.

While he broke the 1,000-yard barrier last season, Beckham did not live up to the wild expectations set for him. He finished his first season in Cleveland with 1,035 yards and four touchdowns, playing from behind from the get-go due to injuries that limited his chemistry with Mayfield.

Beckham had surgery in the offseason and has said multiple times previously that 2020 would be “his year.” However, he but backed off that claim just a little while speaking to the media on Thursday.

“I think it’s selfish of me to say that 2020′s going to be my year,” Beckham said per USA Today. “If I would have known … whenever I started saying this that 2020 would have been a year like this, I don’t think I would have ever said that. It’s been a tough year for all of us emotionally — pandemic, the world that we’re living in.

“Now that … everything [in the NFL] is seeming as if it is returning back to normal, I think the best thing that this world could do would be to finish this year strong and just find a way to make it the best that it has ever been. Kind of just having that mindset of just being great. That is just for the world in general. I don’t know if I would have said that … knowing what has happened so far, but just making the most out of the rest of this year.”

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