Browns QB Baker Mayfield Ripped by Hall of Fame QB Over Trade Drama

Baker Mayfield

Getty Images Cleveland Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield.

Hall of Famer Steve Young has no sympathy for Cleveland Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield despite his current predicament of being caught in no man’s land.

Young was asked about the former No. 1 overall pick while appearing on “The Rich Eisen Show” this week and put Mayfield on blast for playing the victim.

“You can’t play the victim,” Young said on Monday’s edition of the show. “Victimization has to be put in a bottle and buried in the ground and deep because it’s too easy to play the victim. Look, there are a lot of things out of your control and a lot of things you’ve done wrong. You cannot, in the NFL, survive and play the victim. You have to now leave it behind and own every bit of it. Own it. Own every mistake you’ve ever made. Own how you got here. Don’t blame other people. You got yourself here.”

Mayfield was essentially kicked to the curb by the Browns after they completed a blockbuster trade for Watson. However, his $18 million-plus guaranteed salary has made life difficult for the Browns, with no teams willing to bite on a trade. Mayfield remains with the team and there’s potential for things to get very awkward when training camp rolls around.

“He’s gotta be at training camp,” NFL Network insider Ian Rapoport said on “The Pat McAfee Show” on Monday. “Training camp would be awkward. I’m sure he will show up. … It’s all awkward. I think in the end they can come up with a situation that both sides agree with, but it is going to be weird until they get to that point.”

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Paris Kitt
Paris Kitt
1 month ago

I feel the Browns acted like sneaky snakes on how they treated Baker. I’m sure if he was healthy, we would have made the playoffs again and who knows how far we would have gone after that! I think when he was hurt, he shouldn’t have played. VICTIM! Of course he is a victim. He’s a nice young man and look how he was treated. He played his heart and soul for us. Shame on the Browns for “disrespecting” Baker. I never thought the Browns would play so dirty.

1 month ago

This is a misinterpretation of what Young said. He didn’t “rip” Mayfield. He was asked what advice he would give him and he responded that he shouldn’t “play the victim.” He didn’t say that Mayfield should “stop making comments” like the ones he made on the podcast, he said that he should “own all of it.”

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