Browns QB Baker Mayfield Rips Into Official After Being Taken Out

Getty Images Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield.

Baker Mayfield was forced to miss a play against the Baltimore Ravens after a hard hit and the Cleveland Browns quarterback was not happy about it.

Mayfield had to be evaluated for a concussion after being hit from behind by Ravens defensive tackle Broderick Washington. Mayfield had some grass in his helmet and had to shake off the hit when he got up. The play was also reviewed to see if Mayfield had fumbled, giving him extra time on the sideline to be looked over.

However, he still missed the crucial third-down play. Case Keenum entered in relief and the Browns went backward with a penalty and were forced to punt.

When Mayfield got the news that he had to be evaluated in the medical tent, he appeared to rip into the Browns official delivering the news, sticking his finger in their face as he begrudgingly followed through with the order. The broadcast said that the NFL’s independent concussion spotter thought he should be looked at.

It would be the only play Mayfield missed during the game, re-entering for the Browns next drive.

Mayfield Playing Through Multiple Injuries

The hit was scary for a variety of reasons, premier among those being that Mayfield is already battling through multiple injuries, including a torn labrum in his shoulder that will eventually require surgery.

Luckily, the Browns were coming off a bye week against the Ravens and Mayfield felt recovered — just a bit.

“I have not had any major setbacks the past few weeks and then having another week off. Looking forward to keep getting better as the weeks go on,” Mayfield told reporters this week. “Right now, we are just looking at it as a one-game season at a time. Everything that we can accomplish is still in front of us so if we handle it correctly, that will happen that way. Just have to do so accordingly.”

Mayfield’s other ailments have included injuries to his groin, foot and knee. Outside of an interception, he looked fairly sharp against the Ravens, tossing a pair of first half touchdowns.

Mayfield Said ‘Internal Things’ Have Been Issue

Mayfield spoke with NFL Hall of Famer Kurt Warner about his rollercoaster season on NFL Network and referenced “internal things” being an issue this year.

“It comes down to trying to find an even balance of listening to those opinions around you that truly matter, friends, family, teammates, and that’s been the tricky part about this year, has been a lot of internal things. It hasn’t just been the outside noise,” Mayfield said. “I have to be myself and try and do my job 100%. The guys that truly know me understand that. We need to take care of business in the building, and I need to be myself for these guys.”

Mary Kay Cabot of followed up on the interview to see what Mayfield meant by that. She reported that the Browns in-house radio show criticizing Mayfield hasn’t been well received, as well as issues with play-calling and the defense being upset about the offense not putting up enough points to win games.

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William Ball
William Ball
11 months ago

Mayfield is just as big an arrogant punk now as when he played here in Oklahoma, he is Manziel minus the drugs and alcohol.

Phillip Espinoza
Phillip Espinoza
11 months ago

Mayfield needs to quit whining. That’s football. The hit that injured Jackson was just as illegal. You are not allowed to hit a QB below the waist and that hit was to his ankles.

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