Dak Prescott Gets Brutally Honest: ‘Defense Is Kicking Our A**’

Cowboys QB Dak Prescott

Getty Cowboys QB Dak Prescott

As the Dallas Cowboys reached the 10-win mark, Dak Prescott admitted the offense still has some work to do. Prescott revealed that he has a bet with the defense that the offense will score more touchdowns than the Cowboys are able to force turnovers. Prescott admitted the “defense is kicking out a**” as the Cowboys defense snagged four turnovers compared to the offense’s two touchdowns.

“Yeah, it was huge, it was huge, I mean, wish [we] would have turned all of them [turnovers] into touchdowns, obviously as I say,” Prescott noted during his December 19 postgame press conference. “But it was huge, we have a little bet going on. I’ll let everyone know, defense is kicking our a**, but it’s turnovers versus touchdowns that we’ve we created this week, and they obviously won this one.

“But we’ll make sure that [the bet] carries over and, yeah, they’re doing a great job getting the ball. Front sevens attacking, back ends getting their hands on balls and it’s impressive. It’s great to be a part of, but as I said, we’ve got to reward these guys with touchdowns.”

Prescott completed 28-of-37 of his passes for 217 yards and a touchdown in the team’s 15-point victory over the Giants. Meanwhile, the defense notched three interceptions and recovered a fumble.

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Prescott Made the Bet With Lawrence

Prescott revealed that he made the bet with star pass rusher DeMarcus Lawrence, but it is stretching over to everyone on both units. Lawrence and Prescott agreed to the bet on the eve of the Cowboys’ Week 15 matchup against the Giants.

“Yeah, DeMarcus Lawrence mentioned it to me, and I said, ‘Of course,'” Prescott added. “So, that was yesterday it was established, and it’ll be an ongoing thing and as I said they’re on top right now.”

What does the winning side of the bet receive? Prescott declined to specify but noted he hopes it is a “great celebration.”

“We’ll keep rolling it over, so we’ll figure it out at the end of the year…[a] great celebration, hopefully,” Prescott said.

Jones: ‘Some of the Most Productive Growth in Teams [Is] When They’ve Been Doing a Little Wagering’

After Dallas’ win over their NFC East foe, Cowboys owner Jerry Jones learned about the team’s new bet. USA Today’s Jori Epstein explained that Jones “lit up” when he was told about Prescott’s wager with the defense.

“Cowboys owner Jerry Jones lit up when hearing about this bet,” Epstein tweeted on December 19. “‘I love that,’ Jerry told us. ‘I’ve seen some of the most productive growth in teams when they’ve been doing a little wagering.’ Jerry said the Deion Sanders/Michael Irvin Cowboys used to bet $50K on 2-minute drills.”

Prescott later admitted that he would not mind losing the bet if the Cowboys are able to continue forcing turnovers.

“Yeah, we made it after the lunch [at] practice yesterday, and I made sure to tell some of the guys, and I think everybody on the team kind of knew it and just said credit to them,” Prescott said. “But this thing is ongoing, so we’ll catch up. I mean, hopefully not. Hopefully, we don’t catch up, honestly. Hope they keep rolling them like that.”

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Mike Evanss
Mike Evanss
6 months ago

This is funny, hence the words “brutally honest” and let me give you an honest take on the DAK. It’s not hard to play Steven and Jerry Jones because they’re pretty much clueless when it comes to the game of football, let’s go back to 1995, enough said. All DAKs yards came from behind last when defenses went into a prevent defense and made him look like the superstar, that he’s not. DAK is not going to get any better, DAK is nothing more than a solid back up quarterback which like Stafford and Golf will get your 10 to 12 wins a game a year, just enough to keep him employed. He played the Joneses and he got his billion dollar contract and now we are stuck with him for four years. Will be lucky to make the playoffs and when we do it I’ll probably be a one and out. I’m tired of all you ESPN lovers tuning in to watch all the highlights and come back on soSocial media and say how great he is. So if we’re going to be brutally honest, DAK you’re a solid back up and that’s it. Now the office of coordinator he’s a next, a quarterback living through the lives of another back up quarterback, which is
DAK. Dallas has never been a throwing football team. When people cry about Zeke is over the hill maybe it’s because when you only get 9 to 10 carries a game you’re not going to produce. Give Zeke the ball 20+ times and watch Zeke perform like in the past. I’m not sure how people get their jobs but I will go up anybody to coach a football team and point out all their weaknesses.
so Mr. Moore, I hope you vacate for a head coaching job somewhere, and soon…

Mike Evanss
Mike Evanss
6 months ago
Reply to  Mike Evanss

One last thing, I’m a diehard Cowboy fan sine 1972

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