Cowboys’ Rumored Contract Offer to Dak Prescott Revealed by Insider

Dak Prescott Cowboys

Getty The Cowboys regret not signing Dak Prescott sooner.

Dak Prescott’s negotiations with the Dallas Cowboys continue to take center stage this NFL offseason. USA Radio’s Dan Sileo reported that the Cowboys have a lucrative five-year offer on the table for Prescott.

“I’m being told the @cowboys will offer @dak 5 years $175 Million Dollars!” Sileo noted on Twitter.

One of the points of contention between Prescott and the Cowboys has been the length of his next contract. Pro Football Talk’s Mike Florio reported last offseason that Prescott prefers a four-year deal while Dallas is pushing for a fifth season.

“Prescott, as a source recently confirmed it to PFT, wants a four-year deal,” Florio noted in June 2020. “The Cowboys want five. From Prescott’s perspective, a four-year deal easily becomes a five- or six-year deal, thanks to the franchise tag. Also, if the Cowboys wanted a five-year deal, they should have done one after Prescott finished the third year of his rookie contract. Conversely, a five-year deal becomes a six- or seven-year deal, with the franchise tag applied to it on the back end.”

We will see if either side budges on their differences in the desired length of the deal. Time will tell if Sileo’s reported offer is indeed on the table or just the latest rumor in a lengthy negotiation process. Based on what we know so far, Prescott will likely be inclined to once again turn down this offer if the quarterback is presented with a similar deal to the one mentioned above.

The Cowboys Could Use the Franchise Tag on Prescott for the Second Straight Season

Sports Illustrated’s Albert Breer is not bullish on the Cowboys’ chances of signing Prescott to a long-term deal this offseason. Breer believes the Cowboys are likely to use the franchise tag for the second straight year.

“Dak Prescott’s likely getting hit with the franchise tag for a second consecutive year,” Breer explained in his February 1 MMQB column.

The Dallas Morning News’ David Moore believes this would be a “nuclear option” for the Cowboys and drastically limit their other offseason moves. Dallas would be able to build in cap flexibility if they signed Prescott to a long-term extension.

“If the gulf remains and the club applies a second franchise tag in early March, the Cowboys must continue moving on from Prescott,” Moore explained. “Why? A second franchise tag is a nuclear option. If Dallas uses that tag and then is unable to sign Prescott to a long-term deal in July before training camp starts, the quarterback will play this season and then be gone next year in free agency.”

The Cowboys Need to Make a Decision on the Franchise Tag by March 9

The Cowboys have from February 23 to March 9 at the latest to use the franchise tag on Prescott, per CBS Sports. This means the Cowboys likely need to reach an agreement with Prescott before March 9 or they will be forced to use the franchise tag if they want to ensure their quarterback will be back in Dallas next season. Cowboys owner Jerry Jones told Dallas 105.3 The Fan in January that Prescott has a lot of leverage in the current situation.

“I don’t know how you could have any more leverage,” Jones noted, via 247Sports. “His evolving into an NFL quarterback has been nothing short of a perfect picture. He has great ability in my mind to win games. He’s talented. He certainly has experience. And so, he has all the things, as substantiated by what we’ve offered Dak. You wouldn’t be offering Dak what’s been offered him in the past had you not thought he was very special.”

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