Cowboys QB Dak Prescott Fires Back at Criticism of ‘Poor’ Play

Cowboys QB Dak Prescott

Getty Cowboys QB Dak Prescott

While he acknowledges falling short of his and the team’s “expectations,” Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott does not agree with the overarching consensus that he’s mired in a slump.

Such has been the buzzword around The Star following Prescott’s two-interception outing at Washington in Week 14. That — rather than the victory or a defense that’s single-handedly winning games for the first-place Cowboys — has been the storyline to snowball in recent weeks, eventually finding its way to Dak’s doorstep.

“I do realize I’m not playing my best ball, haven’t been playing it, have made some poor decisions,” Prescott told reporters on Thursday, December 16, via ESPN’s Todd Archer. “I wouldn’t say it’s slump material but I’m definitely not up to my standards or expectations; when you play at a high level that’s what you create.”

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Dak Lapping Up the Haterade

Dallas is 3-3 since Prescott returned from his October calf injury, though no thanks to the $160 million signal-caller, who logged a season-worst 9.9 QBR against the Football Team as well as his second-lowest completion percentage (56.41%) through 12 starts. His fourth-quarter pick-six to Washington linebacker Cole Holcomb was a remarkably bad decision that prompted many within the fan base to call for Prescott’s immediate benching.

Others, like former Cowboys coach Jimmy Johnson, have begun to recirculate the popular refrain that Dak is a product of those around him and cannot carry the franchise to a Super Bowl.

Hating? Not to Prescott — never.

Motivating, always.

“I’ve been doubted my whole life, said I can’t do this or can’t do that so in a sense I’m kind of glad it’s actually come back,” he said Thursday, via Archer. “I’m glad that’s the way people feel and there’s a lot of that being said right now. …

“I think it’s the right time for us to turn it on.”

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Update on Potential Change at LG

Part of the reason for Prescott’s downturn over the last six weeks stems from his revolving-door offensive line that’s seen changes at left tackle, left guard, and right tackle this season. The edges appear set for Week 15, with Terence Steele starting at LT for an injured Tyron Smith and former starter-turned-backup La’el Collins manning RT.

But what about LG? The position initially belonged to Connor Williams before the Cowboys inserted Connor McGovern, who’s struggled at times in pass protection. Williams, though, has remained involved under trailblazing offensive coordinator Kellen Moore, deployed as an extra blocker, as a fullback, and even split out wide as an eligible receiver.

“Love the way Connor has handled everything,” head coach Mike McCarthy said on December 16, via the official team website. “I thought he graded out very high in his participation last week (13 snaps on offense). He’s dialed in. He hasn’t blinked. So I appreciate that.”

McCarthy added: “I think Connor McGovern has done some good things. It is Thursday. We’ll stay pat here.”

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jeff johnson
jeff johnson
6 months ago

Overrated, overpaid,enough said!

Wayne Koch
Wayne Koch
6 months ago

Finally, a reporter that does some research before reporting and I praise you for having some insight as to why the cowboys are really struggling. It isn’t partly the reason though and pretty much the whole reason they are struggling. Their offensive line when Tyron is out is nothing short of sub par. Collins isn’t really that good of a blocker and let’s be honest, no one can replace Tyron and what he does when healthy. That guy is a freak of nature. Where usually offensive lineman are a bit overweight and chubby, There is none of that with Tyron, he is 100% pure muscle and really ripped at that. The guy is a beast and a athletic freak but can’t always stay healthy and our team really struggles without him but even more so when we lose other o lineman, just look at last season. It all starts and stops with our o line and when healthy, we dominate and when not healthy we look like a high school football team playing against the pros. We get the line healthy and I garauntee both Zeke and Dak will look like they did when they first came into the league

Wayne Koch
Wayne Koch
6 months ago

I thought that reporters had to have some kind of knowledge about the sport they are reporting before they report but obviously this isn’t true. Do you for one second believe that all the struggles our either Daks or Zeke’s fault? That they are struggling because they are either washed up or in a slump? If you think that then you shouldn’t be reporting football because its glaringly obvious what the problem is but for some reason, no one can put a finger on it. Same thing happened last season when our season tanked when Dak got hurt. Why did Dak get hurt? Why was our team so horrible on both sides of the ball? Why did we upgrade our defense and still losing games? Do you remember what happened last season? The reason Dak and Zeke and what seems to be the problem across our whole team has nothing really to do with Dak or Zeke. Yes those two can add to the bad plays but the answer is in our offensive line. The most important thing to a NFL football team and especially in Dallas is the health of your offensive line. Why can’t people remember or see this? Tyron has been injured as of late, again and when he doesn’t play, our team struggles on both sides of the ball more so if we have other injuries along the o line. Look at last season when Tyron went out, Dak got injured, and our whole team struggled and looked horrible and that was because not only did we lose tyron but also Collins and 2 other o lineman as well. It effected our whole team including the defense. This season Tyron has missed several games already and most notably the Denver game and Kansas City and hasn’t played much over the course of the last 6 games but if you look at the games he did play, we won. Games he didn’t play, we either lost or barely got the win because our defense stepped up. It all starts and stops with our offensive line, especially at left tackle. Until we can either get Tyron healthy or find a suitable replacement, which is next to impossible for his kind of play and how good he is when healthy then we will continue to struggle and Dak and Zeke both will look like they aren’t what they used to be and eventually it will catch up to our defense as well. If you don’t believe me then just do some research on our win percentage with and without Tyron starting and also the QBs win and completion percentage with and without Tyron and go deeper without starters on o line and you’ll see the connection. The o line is the most important piece in most NFL teams success but especially true with Dallas. These are the facts and you’ll see that the blame shouldn’t be on Zeke or Dak

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