Dak Prescott Sends Strong Message to Tom Brady After Loss [WATCH]

Cowboys Buccaneers

Getty Dak Prescott wants to see Tom Brady again.

Moments after the Dallas Cowboys’ heartbreaking loss to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Dak Prescott did not lack for confidence as he shared the traditional postgame quarterback embrace with Tom Brady. Prescott had an interesting message to send to Brady after receiving praise from the legendary quarterback.

“Good playin’, man, you played great,” Brady told Prescott during their postgame handshake. “Feel good, keep it up, alright.”

Prescott had a simple response as Brady headed off the field. The Cowboys quarterback wanted the Bucs to know he is planning on a rematch.

“We’ll see y’all, again,” Prescott said as Brady started jogging towards the locker room.

To be clear, the Cowboys do not have the Buccaneers on the schedule again given they are a non-divisional opponent. Prescott is eying a deep playoff run just as Brady and the Buccaneers are as the calendar hits January.

Here’s a look at the two quarterbacks postgame chat.

Prescott on His Message to Brady: ‘That’s the Confidence That I Have in This Group’

During his postgame press conference, Prescott was asked about his short conversation with Brady. Prescott confirmed that he predicted a rematch and explained why he has so much confidence in this year’s squad.

“Yeah, I think I told everybody, ‘We’d see ’em again,'” Prescott admitted to reporters. “And that’s just the confidence that I have in this group and the expectations I have is this is a playoff team that’s going to make a big push this year. And we’ve got to continue to get better, and we’ll make a step from tonight. We’ll find a way to get better tomorrow. That’s the process, and we’re going to stick to it. We’ve got a good team and good men. Yeah, I’m excited about this season.”

Arians on Prescott: ‘It’s a Shame He Had to Play Brady’

Despite not playing a snap since October, Prescott did not show any signs of rust in Tampa. Prescott threw for 403 yards, three touchdowns and one interception while completing 72.4% of his passes. Buccaneers head coach Bruce Arians praised Prescott adding it was, “a shame he had to play Brady.”

“I’ve known Dak a long time, and have so much respect for him as a person and a man,” Arians noted in his postgame press conference. “What he did at Mississippi State was legendary. He’s just a tremendous football player and tremendous leader. It’s a shame he had to play Brady.”

Cowboys head coach Mike McCarthy was not among those surprised to see Prescott’s performance despite being sidelined for nearly a year. McCarthy noted that Prescott’s outing “is who he is” as a player.

“This is who he is,” McCarthy said of Prescott’s performance. “I never thought that he wouldn’t have this kind of night. He’s 24/7 football. He puts a tremendous amount of extra effort into this. So, I’m sure we’ll sit down and watch the tape. There’s some things we can learn from and can help us. That’s what every game gives you. That’s what every year gives you, especially that’s what every start of the year gives you.”

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Seth Trent
Seth Trent
1 year ago

It was a shame that the REF gave the game to you

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