Jerry Jones Sends Message on Dak Prescott’s ‘Slump,’ Struggling Offense

Cowboys QB Dak Prescott with owner Jerry Jones

Getty Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones remains confident in Dak Prescott.

Much has been made about Dak Prescott’s struggles in recent weeks, and even Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones admitted that the franchise quarterback is in a bit of a slump. Jones was originally hesitant to use this descriptor for Prescott but later conceded that slump is “probably fair” to describe the quarterback’s performance as of late.

“Oh, I don’t want to say a slump, but that’s probably fair,” Jones noted during a December 14 interview with Dallas’ 105.3 the Fan. “But it’s such a multi-faceted evaluation, but I would say that our offense is definitely away from where we were playing five and six games ago from the standpoint of production. What the opposing defenses have to do with it needs to be considered. What I do think is the case is that we got to go out and will play with confidence, that no matter what they throw at us [we can respond].”

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Jones: The Cowboys Have ‘Had Some Hellacious Practice’ on Making Adjustments

Jones went on to say that Prescott’s play is part of a bigger question about the offense as a whole. The Cowboys owner added that the team has the playoffs in mind and have “had some hellacious practice” on making offensive adjustments.

“Now, look at it this way and this is the way I’m looking at it,” Jones continued. “I’ve heard criticism and I’ve been a part of a team that has been criticized for not having enough playbook. For not having enough variety when we get to the playoffs. And so, when you do get in the playoffs, you’re doing the same ol’, same ol’.

“I know that staffs try to anticipate the playoffs and they try to put some things in that they might use that they haven’t been using during the year. Because, boy don’t think these opposing coaches can’t catch up with what you’re doing offensively on their defensive side of the ball.

“So, what we’ve done is really had some hellacious practice if you will on how to make adjustments and how to throw things out, when and if you get to the playoffs, that defenses haven’t seen before. That’s the process that we’ll need to come out and get more production from our offense.”

Prescott: ‘I Haven’t Been Playing My Best Ball’

Prescott has had a quarterback rating of less than 60 in two of his last four games. The Cowboys quarterback has had three interceptions in the last two games and five picks in his four most recent matchups. Prescott shot down the idea that he is in a slump but admitted that he wants to play better.

“I don’t necessarily feel like I am [in a slump] but obviously we haven’t been playing well,” Prescott explained during his December 16 media session. “I haven’t been playing my best ball. So, more importantly, it’s just about me getting back to that and, as I’ve told y’all millions of times, the type of player I am. It’s about practice, it’s about the repetition and preparing. So, that’s what i’m sticking to.”

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