Mavericks Fans React to Luka Doncic’s New Body After Viral Photo

Luka Doncic of the Dallas Mavericks.

Getty Luka Doncic of the Dallas Mavericks.

Last year, Luka Doncic took the Dallas Mavericks to new heights. Through the first few seasons of his career, Doncic was slammed by the media for not being able to get out of the first round of the playoffs. Well, last year, he did that and them some.

Doncic led Dallas to the Western Conference Finals, taking down the Utah Jazz and Phoenix Suns in the process. The Mavericks eventually lost to the eventual champions, the Golden State Warriors, but it was still a great season of progress for Dallas.

And as the team gets ready to prepare for next year, Doncic is already making waves all over social media. But instead of going viral for his electrifying stepbacks or insane game-winners, this time Doncic is going viral because of his body. But not in the way one might think.

In the past, Doncic has been criticized for his body, as some have said that he needs to lose weight to compete in the NBA at a higher level. Well, based on a recent picture that a fan posted with Doncic, it looks like he may have taken that criticism to heart.

The post was plastered all over Twitter, and lots of NBA fans took the time to give their thoughts on the image. And another picture even surfaced of Doncic playing with the Slovenian national team looking particularly skinny.

Social Media Reacts to Doncic’s Body

Kirk Henderson of SB Nation’s Mavs Moneyball seems to be one of the first people to have tweeted the image of Doncic with the fan. He referenced the old knocks on Doncic and even went as far as saying that Doncic could stand to put on a few pounds. (Although, the tweet was obviously meant in a joking manner.)

“Old argument: Luka too heavy

New argument: GET THAT MAN SOME WHATABURGER,” Henderson tweeted.

Other fans took Henderson’s Tweet and retweeted it with their own commentary. One believes that this could be the beginning of Doncic’s MVP campaign.

Another stated that Doncic is well on his way to averaging 40 points next season.

Mike Taddow of Mavs Moneyball even compared Doncic to another Dallas staple…

But while fans may be eager to see Doncic get in such great shape, Utah Jazz guard Patrick Beverley actually noted that his weight helps him dominate the league in the fashion that he does.

Doncic’s Weight Gives Him Advantage

Beverley, who is one of the most physical defenders in the NBA, stated on The Old Man & The Three Podcast, with JJ Redick and Tommy Alter, that Doncic’s body actually helps him, rather than hurt him.

“His intelligence. He’s physical as f*** and flops at the same time, which is the same thing I do…. Swipe at me, “oh he’s trying to kill me ref, get him, he’s trying to kill me… He’s the exact same, like he initiates the contact and hits you… It’s not muscle with him, and that’s no discredit to his body or anything. That’s just how he’s made, it’s kind of that flabby solid type… you can’t really guard him physically the way I want to guard him,” Beverley said on March 11.

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All that being said, seeing Doncic get into shape is cool to watch. It will just be interesting to see how a new body type affects his overall game.

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