Colin Cowherd: Lions a ‘Lock’ for Miserable 2021 Finish

Colin Cowherd

Getty Colin Cowherd at an awards banquet in 2016.

The Detroit Lions haven’t gotten their 2021 season off the ground yet, and already there have been some major predictions about how the team will look.

Despite the fact that the team has not even kicked off free agency or done the draft, takes are sprouting up as it relates to how the team will look on the field. Fox Sports analyst Colin Cowherd thinks that the team is going to be miserable again even in spite of the changes they have made.

Once again, Cowherd is projecting the Lions will have a terrible season and stay in last place once 2021 ends. He rolled this projection out and didn’t offer much of a defense, other than he’d be likely to say the Lions are the Lions.

It’s easy to predict the Lions will be bad, so not a surprise to see Cowherd writing the team off, however it is fair to see where he is coming from. The team is theoretically in a rebuild and finding momentum could be tough to do. Obviously, it isn’t going out on a limb to say the other teams predicted to finish last could be thought of as bad as well, so this isn’t exactly the boldest take.

Nevertheless, before the offseason is completed and the schedule is known, Cowherd is already writing the Lions off completely.

Lions No Stranger to Negativity

Detroit won’t get any respect until they earn it on the field from the national media, so it’s not uncommon to see folks writing the team off before the season even begins. Routinely, folks view the Lions as suspect, so it’s easy to say that the team is never going to improve until it actually happens. In spite of this, there are a few reasons to think that the Lions could be successful. First of all, they have a new coaching staff and a new general manager as well as a new quarterback coming into the mix. All of that change could spark something within a brand new mix for the team. Second of all, the offseason is not yet complete so there is no way of knowing what the final roster will look like at this point in time.

Safe to say that never stops the likes of Cowherd and others in the national media from sharing their take on the matter.

Lions 2021 Schedule Could Be Difficult

A possible reason some folks may be concerned about the Lions and their ability to have a strong season? Detroit’s schedule next year will feature many tough games. In spit of the fact that the Lions finished in last place during 2020, their schedule looks pretty treacherous. The AFC North is loaded and features three high-rising teams in the Browns, Steelers and Ravens to go with a team that could have a bright future in the Bengals. Other that that, the Lions will tangle with the NFC West, which is another stacked division. Obviously, it will be tough to quantify how difficult Detroit’s schedule might be without knowing more about when and where the games are played. Still, it’s tough not to think about the daunting nature of the battles that loom for Detroit, even as they have struggled.

Regardless of what teams the Lions will face on the schedule, many aren’t sure they will do anything other than continue to lose. Perhaps this could be used as bulletin board material for Dan Campbell and his staff.

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