Lions Hope for Another Matthew Stafford Choke to Help Draft Position

Matthew Stafford

Getty Matthew Stafford on the field in 2021 during a Rams loss to the Packers.

The Detroit Lions have what could be described as a relative vice grip over the 2022 NFL draft’s top pick at this point, but even though that is the case, the team still wants to see their competition fall apart around them to secure the selection.

Detroit continues to remain winless, and as the weeks in the season dwindle, soon they will be able to officially claim the top selection barring any type of winning streak playing out. The Lions have been close in every game, so in order to prevent such a situation from costing them, they still need losses around them to boost up the selection.

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What should the Lions and their fans be rooting for this week? Here’s a look at the games that the Lions would like to see go their way to provide the best shot at the top pick being wrapped up sooner rather than later in the second half of the season.

Houston Texans Over Indianapolis Colts

The Texans lost to the Jets in Week 12, but were competitive again. This week, they take on a Colts team which is right in the thick of the AFC playoff race. Expecting an upset of any kind is probably a fool’s errand here, but the Texans have surprised a few times this season, so it’s possible they could pull off the feat again if things break the right way. Houston isn’t currently a direct threat to the Lions given two wins, but if Detroit starts winning, that could change in a hurry in the second half of the season. Best to see another upset to keep them at arm’s length from the Lions in the standings.

New York Giants Over Miami Dolphins

The Dolphins have done a nice job of playing themselves away from a top pick in the draft, and with the Giants facing off against them, it’s time for them to reverse course and roll over for New York. The Giants have four wins this season, and the Lions would want to see them keep losing so they stay further down in the draft order. No matter who wins, the Lions will win this matchup, though they would prefer to see the Giants pick up another win in order to bump them further down off their tail near the top.

New York Jets Over Philadelphia Eagles

Like the Texans, the Jets are a team that continue to hang around near the top of the draft order that the Lions would love to see pushed back more than a bit with another win. Can Philadelphia be the team that helps supply this win? It’s possible given how inconsistent the Eagles have looked at times this year. The more wins the Jets can find the better, especially considering how many picks they control near the top of the draft in 2022. Detroit should become big Jets fans again this weekend as a result of this. They will have to hope the Eagles can find some consistency at losing once again.

Jacksonville Jaguars Over Los Angeles Rams

The Lions want to see the Rams lose to the Jaguars for a few major reasons. First and foremost, Detroit controls the first-round pick of Los Angeles, so it would be beneficial to see another defeat for the Rams to bump up the selection. Secondly, the Lions themselves are fighting the woeful Jaguars for the top pick in the draft given their two wins. If Jacksonville finds a way to win, that could go a long way for the Lions in terms of keeping them off their tail as well as hurting the Rams. It could be improbable, but that’s why they play the games. It also might seem upsetting for some Lions fans to admit, but another Matthew Stafford choke would go a long way for the team’s 2022 draft prospects this week.

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