Aidan Hutchinson Calls out Lions Defense: ‘Just Got to Be Better’

Aidan Hutchinson

Getty Aidan Hutchinson stretching before a 2022 Lions game.

Last year during the draft process, most folks will remember the claim circulating that Aidan Hutchinson grew up a fan of the New England Patriots and not the Detroit Lions.

With the Patriots coming up on the schedule for the Lions, Hutchinson wants folks to know that isn’t exactly true in a complete sense. Speaking to the media on Thursday, October 6, Hutchinson clarified those notions.

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“I wasn’t much of (a fan), I just like Tom Brady. Every kid loves Tom Brady, so hopefully one of these days I’ll get the chance to to hit Tom but we’ll see. So yeah yeah I would say that that Patriots fandom that you referenced is no good,” he joked.

Even though he may not be a fan of the team, Hutchinson still clearly understands the role the Patriots play in the NFL, and is ready to take them on in Foxboro.

“Yeah it’s going to be great. It’s going to be fun. Growing up seeing Tom play there and those cold a** games, so hopefully, it gets a little cold,” Hutchinson said.

In terms of the opponent, it will be a moment where Hutchinson pinches himself a bit, but as the rookie knows, the Lions have some of their own issues to clean up in a big way.

Hutchinson Reveals Keys to Defensive Improvement

Much has been made of the Lions’ defensive struggles so far this season, and Hutchinson himself knows that things haven’t been good for the team. The Lions took steps to try and correct that this week after a soul search following Week 4.

So what was that like? As Hutchinson said, the team is looking from within to make improvements, especially with regard to some of the small things they are doing poorly in between the lines.

“I think in our first meeting, game prep for New England, it was all just focusing on ourselves and and simplifying things a little bit,” he said. “I think we’re just getting out of character in these games and it’s just not how we want to play defense to be quite frank. It’s just got to be better, and that’s really the the message. Just focusing on us and it doesn’t matter who we’re gonna play, we can get so into our game plan, so into our scheme but if we don’t have our own stuff right then, it’s all for nothing.”

In terms of Aaron Glenn, the team’s suddenly embattled coordinator, Hutchinson said he’s been the same guy in terms of passion and attitude that he’s always been.

“AG is very resilient. He’s coming in every week, especially this week, with
that passion and that fire because we’re all just hungry out here. We all just want to take that next step together and we gotta just be better defensively,” he said. “I think that was the message, and AG’s a competitor, so he wants it just as bad as we want it so I think we’re all on the same page.”

The Detroit defense seems to understand what they must do, and now it’s a matter of finding the inches and executing on the field.

Hutchinson Talks Possible New Role in Defense

In the wake of the Lions struggles on defense, many have suggested moving around Hutchinson to a different stance to see if that might help jump-start him or the defense.

When asked if he would be on the move more this week, Hutchinson alluded that he believes that’s the plan. Even such, he is going to continue to do what the team asks of him on the field specifically.

“I’m here, I’m gonna do what they what they ask me to do. Especially being a rookie, you don’t have a ton of pull around here so yeah, I mean three-point, two-point, there’s there’s benefits and disadvantages to both.”

While Hutchinson may not be ready to reveal exactly what he may do differently, he wants folks to know he’s going to attack the game in the same way.

“we’re just going with the flow and we’re feeling things out and we’re gonna be ready on Sunday,” Hutchinson said.

Whatever Hutchinson is asked to do, count on him being ready for battle in a big way in Week 5.

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