Comedian Perfectly Mocks Lions Fans With New Skit [WATCH]

Lions Fans

Getty Lions fans gather for a game against Jacksonville.

Being a Detroit Lions fan isn’t for the faint of heart, and those who take on the responsibility are often folks who are loyal to a fault.

That loyalty is constantly tested, but plenty of folks keep coming back for more year in and year out. By the time a new season starts, everyone is ready to proclaim that this is the year and the team is set to do damage and win the Super Bowl.

Except it never happens, and it turns into a vicious cycle that lasts decades and spans generations. Recently, Comedian Carlos ‘HaHa’ Davis took his stab at lampooning the experience of being a Lions fan and did a pretty nice job with it in a new video.

As Davis shows, Lions fans are constantly up on their team, even as they continue to be proven otherwise on the field, age and perhaps even die. Here’s a look at the hilarious video:

Obviously, the best part of the entire video is not only how Davis ages himself, but how by the end, he’s basically a skeleton and primed for death. That’s the experience several older Lions fans probably feel as they wait from the time they are young until very old for the team to figure things out often to no avail. Regardless, every year these folks still believe in the team and never give up.

Perhaps one day, Lions fans will be rewarded for their faith. It doesn’t feel like that day is coming anytime soon, so it’s alright to laugh at the experience.

Media Member: ‘Depressing’ Being a Lions Fan

One member of the media might just agree with Davis’s video and his assessment, and while watching the Lions struggle through a miserable game against the Vikings on Sunday, made perhaps the most accurate assessment about the 2020 Lions as well as perhaps the team as a whole through the years.

As personality Dan Hanzus tweeted, watching the Lions is simply a depressing experience.

This week, the Lions played another miserable game against Minnesota and were sloppy and undisciplined most of the way. It was an ugly game and another ugly result for Detroit that definitely had to leave fans scratching their heads and thinking how depressing their team really is.

The sad part? It only looks to remain that way moving forward, and that’s true no matter how many souls proclaimed ‘this is the year’ a few months ago or will into the future.

Can Lions Ever Turn Things Around?

Detroit is 3-5 this season, and it’s looking like yet another lost season in terms of their goal of playoff relevance. Once again, it feels as if there will be more suspense in where the team picks in the impending NFL Draft.

The Lions have been one of the more miserable teams historically when it comes to the playoffs. Detroit hasn’t won a playoff game of any kind since 1991. It’s not just 1991, however. Prior to that win, the Lions hadn’t won a playoff game since 1957. They had lost three times combined in the 1970s and 1980s. They’ve had plenty of misfortune in the playoffs as well, losing games in heartbreaking fashion and blowout fashion as well.

Detroit last appeared in the playoffs in 2018, but quickly bowed out, losing to the Seattle Seahawks in close fashion. They haven’t been consistent enough through the years at both making the playoffs and also winning when they do manage to get there. It’s got to be a huge focus of the team to get over the hump eventually.

Still, that will never stop their legions of loyal fans from proclaiming that it’s their time to shine. At least some of them have to see the obvious hilarity in those statements.

Credit Davis for doing just that with his new video.

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