Frank Ragnow Explains Why Lions Fans Shouldn’t Be Worried With Letdown

Frank Ragnow

Getty Frank Ragnow runs on the field before a Lions game in 2021.

The Detroit Lions suffered a narrow defeat in Week 3, and even though folks will be tempted to proclaim this more of the same from the team, the players don’t think that’s true.

While fans see the frustrating loss as an extension of some of the same losing efforts that have been going on for years, offensive lineman Frank Ragnow sees the opposite. He contends the Lions are as confident as ever in spite of the defeats.

Speaking to the media on Monday, September 26, Ragnow said that the Lions are still very confident even amid the frustration of the road loss due to the feel of the locker room.

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“I think part of it’s just the feel around here. There’s confidence still. Obviously going through those situations last year that can only make us better, right? We know what we can be and we know what we have to do,” he said. “It really just comes down to the details as frustrating as that is week after week when we do lose. It’s frustrating to go back to that, but if we can just grind on the details and really kind of execute the small things, we’ll be alright.”

As Ragnow admitted, if the Lions can hone in on those small things, they will be much better off in the end and find a way to score some big wins. Instead of taking Dan Campbell’s apology as an admission, he said he believes he simply wanted the team to understand they could be better.

“I think it’s small things, like the details, the mistakes that we do make that obviously led us to fail. I think that’s how I interpreted it,” Ragnow said of Campbell. “Like we need to learn like yes, we lost, but if we learn from all these mistakes that led us to lose, it won’t end up being a failure in the long run. I think that’s how he meant it.”

Learning and finding a way to do the small things better will be a big focus for the Lions. That’s even more the case now that the team has suffered a few close losses early in the season.

Seemingly forever, the Lions have been lamenting the small things. This time, Ragnow doesn’t seem to think they will hold the team back but rather make them better in the end. This time, he thinks it may finally be different.

Ragnow Remains Confident in Lions Roster

In spite of the lessons that are obviously there to learn, it’s clear that Ragnow has not lost any confidence in his teammates.

As he explained, the fact that the Lions have been through so many ups and downs might only serve to make them better in the end, especially as it relates to finding a way to galvanize them for a run when they do get over the hump.

“I’m really confident in this group. We’ve been through a lot together. There’s all kinds of stuff that happens to this team and we never faze and that’s part of our head coach. That’s kind of part of our culture, so I’m really confident (in) these guys and I’m excited for the week ahead.”

Finding a way to bounce back mentally wouldn’t seem to be a problem for the Lions with this in mind. If Detroit can do this while cleaning up their small habits, they will be in fantastic shape moving forward.

Taylor Decker: Lions Close to Turnaround

It’s not just Ragnow with belief. In terms of where the Lions are at, tackle Taylor Decker has seen plenty of seasons in the past and knows that the Lions are in good shape as a team, even in spite of the narrow loss.

“I just talked to the guys in the locker room after, and I said we are right there and I can feel it,” he told the media. “I’ve been (here) seven years now and we are right there. We are so close to being a really, really good team but we just got to get over that hump. There’s just details that we have to eliminate and we have to go out there and I believe we do have to believe that we are those guys that people don’t want to play. We do not want to play against the Lions.”

As Decker admitted, the Lions have to find a way to clean some of the small details up in order to win.

“The film’s gonna reveal a lot with where we have to go with those little things that we have to do to get over the hump and be more consistent. I think we were right there,” he said. “We’ve had games playing here in Minnesota in the past where we’ve gotten blown out and it wasn’t competitive so there’s no such thing as a moral victory, but we’re there. We’re on the cusp of it I think.”

It’s clear Detroit’s offensive lineman believe in the team. Whether or not they can find a turnaround remains to be seen, but it is obvious that the players are not giving up their goals one bit.

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