Lions’ Brad Holmes Offers Telling Praise for Quarterback Jared Goff

Jared Goff

Getty Jared Goff gives the thumbs up before a Rams game.

The Detroit Lions will see a major trade become official in another week’s time, and when that happens, a new quarterback will come into the building in Jared Goff.

Goff is a player that has a past with Detroit’s new general manager Brad Holmes. While Holmes cannot speak about dealing for Goff or any potential trade for him, he isn’t stopped from providing some general thoughts about the quarterback.

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Appearing on the Huddle & Flow podcast, Holmes was asked about Goff and some of his best traits. Interestingly enough, he cited toughness immediately as one of his best attributes. Physically, Holmes admitted to liking the way Goff throws a ball with arm talent. Additionally, he said that he loves the fact that Goff is a major winner on the field.

Perhaps one of the biggest early themes for Goff is toughness, which is great to see for the Lions considering what they will be losing in Matthew Stafford. It’s clear that the team might not be losing much in that department with their new addition.

Holmes hasn’t said much about Goff, but it’s obvious that the team is going to ge getting the best possible player to replace Stafford. Those traits were arguably the top ones that Stafford possessed as well, so it’s neat to see the Lions replacing one solid, tough player with another.

Why Jared Goff’s Toughness Could Matter for Lions

This offseason, the Lions will trade one of the toughest quarterbacks around in Matthew Stafford. In Detroit, Stafford became noteworthy for never leaving the game and playing even in spite of some of his biggest injury frustrations on the field. Just this past season, Stafford gutted out ankle, hand and rib injuries in spite of the fact that the Lions were playing out the string in a lost season. That type of toughness is to be admired, and something that resonated in the gritty city of Detroit.

There could be a temptation by some to think of Goff as a California guy who isn’t as tough as someone like Stafford, but that might not be the complete truth when all is said and done. Goff will get a chance to show off his toughness to the Detroit fans this season, and as his former teammate thinks, it’s possible they will like what they see when it happens.

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Jared Goff Has Major Opportunity With Lions

Listening to Holmes speak, it’s clear that Goff is going to be Goff will enter a situation in Detroit where the majority of the pressure is indeed off of him in terms of his situation. The expectations in Los Angeles were high, but now that he is being written off heading to Detroit, Goff can simply settle in and play football. Most predicted the Lions to select a quarterback in the draft or be involved in the quarterback market, but Goff can put an end to that with a quality season on the field. It’s a big chance for both him and the Lions heading into 2020.

Very quietly, the Lions may have solved a major issue on their team with a blockbuster trade. Once Goff comes into the mix, he will be given plenty of support to reinvent himself.

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