Jared Goff Makes Bold Championship Guarantee for Lions

Jared Goff

Getty Jared Goff during a Rams game.

The Detroit Lions are in a position of a rebuild as many seem to think, but here and there, the opposite has been said by many players and power brokers around the organization.

Jared Goff can be counted as someone who doesn’t think the team has a poor future, and he plans on being someone to help do something about it. Speaking on Friday during his introductory press conference, Goff was open about what he wants to do with the Lions.

As he said, Goff wants to see the team win championships and playoff games in the Motor City during his tenure. It’s a bold goal considering it’s been hard for players to do that for the Lions over the years.

Goff being the guy to get this done for the Lions would be a major plot twist considering the fact that few people are counting on him to get that job done for the Lions when all is said and done. Even such, the way Goff spoke confidently, it seems as if it would be a mistake to bet against him at this point in time.

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Jared Goff Understands Detroit Already

After coming to the Lions, Goff demonstrated an immense understanding of the new city he is joining. As he said, he is excited to get to a team that is in a great sports town

Getting the right culture fits is huge for a team, and with this admission, it’s clear that Goff knows where he is going and could be the right fit for the team overall. It will be interesting to see how

Analyst Predicts Jared Goff to Have Successful Lions Career

Goff enters the Lions with a bruised ego considering how things ended in Los Angeles. The Rams were open about their hopes of dumping the quarterback, and once they zeroed in on Stafford, they found a willing trade partner with the Lions. Now, Goff is on the move. While many consider him a mere throw-in or a guy who’s contract is an albatross, it’s clear Goff has received some love for what he could still do in the league.

ESPN’s Jeff Darlington tweeted after the trade that he isn’t giving up on Goff doing big things and being in the playoffs very soon. The reason? His overreaching talent.

The upside in this move for Goff is the fact he will land in Detroit with Brad Holmes, Aubrey Pleasant and Ray Agnew. There’s been tons of turnover and Rams folks coming to the Lions in recent weeks, and Goff will get to start fresh with folks who know his talent in a great spot for him.

To be clear, Darlington doesn’t say where Goff could be in the playoffs within the next two seasons, but it’s hard to imagine Brad Holmes giving up on him that quickly, so the implication could be that the Lions might be better than some are giving them credit for in the end after this deal.

Goff will have his chance to prove the haters wrong and stick it to the Rams in the future, and it’s clear he could be motivated to do so.

It’s clear Goff has talent, so it will be interesting to see if he can live up to this prediction.

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