Hearing Jared Goff Mic’d up Will Make Lions Fans Believers [WATCH]

Jared Goff

Getty Jared Goff during a 2022 game against Seattle.

The Detroit Lions have enjoyed a fantastic start on offense to the 2022 season, and quarterback Jared Goff is a big reason why that is the case.

Goff has been on a tear to start the year, and is distributing the ball confidently. His play has the Lions in charge of the league on offense, and while many folks likely weren’t set on Goff, he’s starting to make believers of plenty of folks.

Another big reason that is the case? Goff’s leadership. The quarterback has stepped up and become the voice the Lions have needed, and in no better way was that shown than in Week 4.

Wearing a microphone for NFL Films, Goff was filmed playing Seattle, and showed off his passion on the field leading the team’s offense. While Goff didn’t say much, what he did say spoke volumes about the command he has over his team.

Detroit News reporter Nolan Bianchi posted the highlight package, and it was a fun one for Detroit fans:

Perhaps the best part of the video is when Goff rallies his teammates, telling them just before a critical onside kick that if the Lions get it, they’re going to score and win the game.

When reality sets in and the team is going to lose, Goff seems frustrated, but points out what every fan is thinking. “God, we fight though,” he says to Ben Johnson, the team’s offensive coordinator.

Goff’s intensity as well as his candor will no doubt impress Lions fans. Hopefully, there are fewer people on the fence about him after seeing this highlight reel.

Goff Putting up Solid Stats During 2022 Season

As the clips shared show, there’s been few more impressive at quarterback so far this season than Goff, even if he hasn’t gotten a lot of the love reserved for those other names.

Thus far, Goff has been a passing maniac, putting up a solid 1,126 yards and 11 touchdowns to just three interceptions so far. His quarterback rating sits at 99.9 as well. Here’s a look at what he did on the field in Week 4:

Jared Goff highlights week 4 vs Seahawks(it’s apparently a weekly thing now.)Jared Goff yet again throws 4 TDs this season. This man cannot be stopped.2022-10-04T04:36:01Z

Goff has been a big reason the Lions offense has been so explosive. His ability to confidently distribute the ball has gone a long way for the team, and he has played with relative control outside a few mistakes.

Goff Playing, Sounding Like Leader for Lions

The video displays how locked-in Goff is for the Lions, and how he’s firmly in control at quarterback for the team as a player and a leader.

Many folks wanted Goff replaced to start the season, and others have been pondering his future beyond 2022. As this shows, there might be no reason to do that. Goff has the respect of his teammates, and has been able to elevate their play, no matter who steps up.

A major reason the Lions stuck with Goff was his ability to have command of the team, much less the potential for his elite play. So far, he’s shown off both those elements in a big way in 2022.

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