Keegan-Michael Key Praises Dan Campbell, Predicts Lions Super Bowl Win

Keegan-Michael Key Barry Sanders

Getty Keegan-Michael Key meets Barry Sanders in 2017 in Minnesota.

The Detroit Lions have plenty of famous fans, but one of the best that has come to the forefront is Keegan-Michael Key. The comedian is unapologetic in his love for his hometown NFL team, and is so devoted he is even willing to go out on a major limb regarding when greatness will finally come to the beleaguered franchise.

Key will host the NFL Awards for this season before the Super Bowl and as part of the festivities for that event, the league put out a video of him promoting the ceremony. Within it, he explains his love for the Lions and why he thinks the team could be set to break through in the pretty near future.

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After watching the team play in 2021-22, Key has come away with the impression that Dan Campbell is the right guy to be leading the team and the Lions are going to benefit in a big way from his leadership on the field and for the team.

“Dan Campbell is a man of passion, he’s a man of integrity, he’s a man of experience. I believe that he will actually be able to turn it around in my hometown,” Key explains in the clip. “After our win vs. Minnesota, for him to dedicate the game ball to families of victims in Oxford, Michigan is a piece of rare character. If he’s bestowing that upon the young men who are following him, that’s a wonderful, wonderful thing. I think that Dan Campbell is our man, I feel it in my gut. The Lions are going to win the Super Bowl in 2035 vs. the Martian Gleipworms. You heard it here first.”

As expected, the Lions said they are taking the under in terms of when the team wins the Super Bowl, and as playful as Key’s answer is, it underscores the major point that people feel flat out good about Campbell and where the Lions are heading in the near future.

Key Huge Lions Fan, Attended 2021 Blowout Victory

Growing up in Detroit, it’s easy to see why Key is such a big fan of the Lions. He has managed to attend games in the past, and always seems to make time for the team when he can. In 2021, Key was even at the game when the Lions beat the Arizona Cardinals for their first win of the year. The team shared this tweet before the game with Key checking in:

Known for his work on Mad TV as well as Comedy Central’s hit show Key and Peele, Key remains a major figure in Hollywood comedy. He is also a person that is never shy about representing his home city whenever he can, which folks in Detroit have to love.

Dan Campbell’s Final Speech Great Example of Lions’ Spirit

Why does Key believe in Campbell and the Lions so much? It could be mostly due to the coach’s personality and ability to rally teams. After the season finale, Campbell gave a speech, and also as usual, his statement was very motivational for the team. After the big win, Campbell was fired up not only for the present, but for the future as well.

As Campbell explained, he believes the team is heading in the right direction to have success. Here’s a look at the celebration video clip posted by the Lions:

“Gentlemen I tell you what, you took the hard road one more time, you sure did. You guys earned that freaking win man. You earned it,” Campbell said. “You went out there and made the plays you had to make and we really complimented each other well when we needed it. We tried the old trickery on the fake punt, we don’t get it (but) defense you come out, make a stand and then we take it all the way down the field offense. I mean there were so many things that happened this game that make you proud as a coach where you put Jonah (Jackson) in center. He played center. I respect the hell out of that. You guys that have stood in there and just banged away man, I respect the hell out of that. I always will. There’s a place for you on this team when you produce and you lay it on the line because that stuff man, that’s better than gold man. It’s better than gold. That’s where champions are born and made. You guys made me proud that we are now springboarding. We are springboarding and we have by the way, already started this about three or four weeks ago. We know what we’re capable of, and man, when we get the off-season running we’re going. We’re going places because we want to go places and we know the formula.”

That’s just the kind of speech that Key would likely point to as a big reason the Lions might be able to get things on the right track sooner rather than later.

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