Lions’ Kenny Golladay Shares Interesting Contract Update

Kenny Golladay Marvin Jones

Getty Kenny Golladay and Marvin Jones laugh on the sidelines.

The Detroit Lions came into the 2020 season with plenty of business to attend to in terms of contract extensions, but they have only had modest gains in that department.

Detroit managed to lock up offensive tackle Taylor Decker, who’s having a career year. They also wanted to get a deal done with Kenny Golladay, but that hasn’t happened yet, which has led to plenty of questions about the wideout’s future with the team.

Speaking on Friday, Golladay was asked where his contract situation stands as of right now and was pretty coy with regards to the answer. As he said, there is nothing that has been released that he knows of at the moment, and he didn’t know of anything coming down the pipe.

Could this interesting recent admission lead to a deal being leaked soon? That remains up in the air, but it’s clear that Golladay has wanted to get a deal done for a long time and stick around with the Lions. That’s the good news for fans who love to watch his game. He does not look motivated to leave whatsoever.

Can the Lions keep him? That will be a question to remember for not only the coming months but the coming weeks. It will be interesting to see if anything comes out regarding a potential deal or the framework for one, or if the Lions have to wait until after the season.

Kenny Golladay Stats

From nearly the start of last season until the finish, Golladay had an excellent year catching the ball. In 2019, he put up 1,190 yards and 11 touchdowns. He had some huge games last season, and four times Golladay has gone well over 100 yards in a game catching the ball for the Lions. His ball skills down field on deep passes are a big reason why.

With 2,730 yards and 19 touchdowns thus far in his career coming into the 2020 season on the field, Golladay looks like an obvious top dog in Detroit for the foreseeable future with Matthew Stafford tossing him the rock. He’s proven that to be the case in 2020 itself with 119 yards and 2 scores in spite of missing a few weeks early on with a nagging hamstring injury.

Obviously, the hope is the Lions can keep Golladay around for the future because he has become a true home grown statistical beast. That’s very good news for the Lions, who have long pondered how to find production at the wideout position minus the super talented Calvin Johnson. Not an issue anymore with Golladay taking over and hopefully for fans, sticking around well into the future.

Kenny Golladay Contract Situation

The Lions have wanted to get a deal done with Golladay to keep him in the mix for the future, but have not seen any details of the negotiations go public at this point. It was assumed after Taylor Decker’s deal that the Lions may have been able to get the job done on a Golladay extension, but when it did not play out before the season, that left many to wonder if it would indeed happen in 2020 or if Golladay would have to wait.

The answer to that question is still up in the air at this point, and depending on what happens at the trade deadline, it will be interesting to see if the Lions elect to keep Golladay around for the future. The smart money still points to this playing out in time.

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