Kevin Hart Jokingly Begs Tom Brady to Join Lions in Future

Kevin Hart

Getty Comedian Kevin Hart hosting a radio show.

Tom Brady has accomplished everything in the NFL. He’s won Super Bowls, been a league MVP and has dominated statistically. Still, there’s one thing the quarterback seemingly hasn’t done and that’s take a team from the outhouse to the penthouse.

So what should Brady do for his next act? Comedian Kevin Hart has a great idea, and he thinks it involves taking the Detroit Lions to the title game after joining the team.

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Speaking as part of the NFL’s Draft-a-Thon, Hart hooked up with Brady and others, and as part of some good natured ribbing, he teased the quarterback. As Hart admitted, he’s sick of hearing about the Brady hype. His proposition? Hart will be a believer in the greatness and talent of Brady only if he gets the Lions over the hump.

He said:

“You know what Tom, I’m so sick of it. I really am. You want to make me a believer? Go to Detroit. Go to Detroit right now and take them to the Super Bowl. If you can do that, then I’ll believe it. Until then, it’s a hoax. I’m not a believer. I’m not a believer. I’m not on the Brady train.

All Brady could do was laugh and smile at the suggestion, but it’s a heck of an idea all things considered. If Brady ever did leave Tampa Bay and want a new challenge late in his career, he could always look to take the Lions to the top. Doing so would leave no doubt of his status as the greatest quarterback ever, not that it’s in doubt now.

If Brady could win in Detroit of all places, nobody would be tempted to call him anything other than the greatest of all-time, and there would be hard-pressed to be another quarterback in history that could turn in such a performance ever.

All of this is clearly hypothetical of course, but it’s safe to say Hart just said what a lot of people were thinking for a long time about Brady. Lions fans will have a hard time not dreaming about this now, even as far from reality as it seems to be.

Winning With Lions Would Cement Brady’s Legacy

All kidding aside, if Brady ever did come to Detroit and win, he would not only be NFL royalty but city royalty as well. The Lions have not been the best team in the league at even winning games in the playoffs let alone championships.

The Lions have been one of the more miserable teams historically when it comes to the playoffs. Detroit hasn’t won in the postseason since 1991. It’s not just 1991, however. Prior to that win, the Lions hadn’t won a playoff game since 1957. They had lost three times combined in the 1970s and 1980s. They’ve had plenty of misfortune in the playoffs as well, losing games in heartbreaking fashion and blowout fashion as well.

Detroit last appeared in the playoffs in 2018, but quickly bowed out, losing to the Seattle Seahawks in close fashion. They haven’t been consistent enough through the years at both making the playoffs and also winning when they do manage to get there. If Brady changed that narrative, he wouldn’t only make Hart a believer but be the toast of the town as well, especially considering his status as a former Michigan quarterback.

Lions Quarterback Changes Deep

It’s been a wild offseason in Detroit at quarterback. The Lions dealt Matthew Stafford and added Jared Goff. They also let Chase Daniel go and added Tim Boyle to the mix in free agency. These moves will be able to buy the Lions some time and some options. They didn’t have to add any other quarterback to the mix so far in the draft, and they also have David Blough still around as well. In the next few seasons, the Lions could make another change if things don’t work with Goff, but at that point, the team might choose to make a move in the NFL Draft. Add it up and it doesn’t seem as if Brady would be in the mix anytime soon in Detroit.

Still, that won’t stop Hart from dreaming and giving Lions fans a fun and funny proposition to think about along the way as well.

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