Former NFL Players Call for Matt Patricia’s Firing From Lions

Matt Patricia

Getty Matt Patricia looks on during Lions-Panthers.

The Detroit Lions lost another game they probably should have won on Sunday to the 3-7 Carolina Panthers, and as a result, once again things are closing in on Matt Patricia and his suddenly murky future.

It certainly feels as if Patricia will be in trouble in terms of his future with the Lions, and that should be the case in the opinion of a couple of successful former NFL players turned analysts.

Marcus Spears of ESPN posted after Detroit’s ugly 20-0 loss that Patricia was “good” in Detroit, indicating he believed his tenure should be over. Former wideout Torry Smith agreed, and responded with a GIF which implied Patricia should be fired.

Here’s a look at the duo ripping Detroit’s boss after his latest ugly loss:

Seeing a couple of former players come out this strongly against Patricia is interesting. Typically, former players don’t offer such bold takes, but it’s clear that Patricia’s act has worn thin even with guys who once competed against him in the NFL. Fans are already on Patricia’s case, but now, former players have joined them.

That’s bad news for Patricia and his future as a boss in the league.

Panthers Loss Matt Patricia’s Worst Ever

It’s safe to say that Patricia is in trouble of getting the axe now given how things have gone in his tenure with the team. Detroit’s biggest win in that stretch was an upset of New England in 2018. Otherwise, Patricia has beaten injury riddled and inconsistent teams for the modest wins on his schedule. He’s yet to have a signature win within the division or in the NFC in order to boost his program. The blowout loss this week to Carolina is arguably his worse as head coach of the team. Being defeated 20-0 by a team that was 3-7 doesn’t lend to the belief that Patricia should stay. That’s especially true given how poorly his defense played and how his offense could not execute at all.

Matt Patricia’s Record With Lions

Patrica’s 13-28-1 record is only getting worse by the week and isn’t a great way to build faith in a program. To say that Patricia’s tenure has been a mess has been a massive understatement. He’s struggled with a few things outside his control such as 2019’s injury outbreak, but there is no reason Patricia should be struggling in year 3 considering he had plenty of his players in his scheme and theoretically, a blank slate with which to work and add whomever he sees fit. Worse, Patricia has become known for his team’s inability to finish games and not beat the better teams he faces on the roster. Certainly, that’s been the most obvious calling card in his tenure for the most part. Now, he can add a loss to one of the worst teams in football to his frustrating resume.

Will Patricia survive 2020? That remains up in the air, but it’s clear many folks don’t believe that should be the case. At this point, those feelings aren’t limited to the fanbase but guys who actually strapped on pads and played on Sunday afternoons.

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